Juliana Hale

Pop singer-songwriter Juliana Hale premieres “Cupid” on ThriveGlobal, a song about the burning passion accompanying the bite of Cupid’s arrow. The song is Hale’s first new single since the chanteuse dropped her EP, Small Talk, last summer.

Although Hale has performed at star-studded events, including affairs hosted by Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy, and shared the stage with artists like Flo Rida, Brandi Cyrus, and DJ Automatic, her road to success was strewn with seemingly insurmountable barriers, including a mysterious illness causing nausea, weakness, and severe acid reflux. Rather than surrender, Hale utilized her debilitation to good effect, writing hundreds of songs and enhancing her skills on the piano and guitar. She was determined to beat “this,” whatever it was.

After surgery, she recorded her EP, Time, capturing the attention of Nashville’s movers and shakers, leading to The Objective at Rocket Town, along with an industry showcase. In the end, her illness turned out to be a silver lining, allowing her to improve her craft.

“Cupid” opens with Hale’s gorgeous tones riding over an elegant piano, exuding tender passionate hues full of love’s thrill and anguish. Hale’s vocal prowess, richly inflected with evocative timbres and intense sonic pressure, infuses the lyrics with nuances of emotive colors, as she questions Cupid’s motives for afflicting her.

Stripped down to a confection of pure elegance, with just cello, piano, and Hale’s divine tones, the harmonics exude raw, visceral feelings devoid of any mediating sounds. Rather than diluting the tune’s effect, this approach actually augments the song’s expressive energy into tangibility. Listeners brush up against the music’s emotion, sharing the sensation.

The video, directed by Jake Parker, shot in black and white, conveys quiet grace with an air of simplicity both charming and delicate.

Put simply, “Cupid” is wonderfully delicious, an exquisite song on an alluring melody, all secured by the lush voice of Juliana Hale.

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