Kelly Padrick

Singer-songwriter Kelly Padrick premieres the music video for “Waiting For This” on ThriveGlobal.

The song, from her latest EP, Fires, is about leaving the former dream-like inversion of a relationship without regret or guilt, moving forward easily, unencumbered.

Originally from Rhode Island, now living in New York, Kelly Padrick began composing music at the age of five. Since then, she’s dropped seven CDs and four EPs. Inspired by everything from keepsakes to present misfortunes, her infectious pop-flavored sound sidesteps categorization because of ever shifting versatility, passion, and sumptuous savors.

Her music’s cool, stylish appeal pervades films and television. Fox Searchlight featured “Pizza and Fairytales” in Trust The Man. “Ties That Bind” and “The Brooklyn Hours” appeared in ABC’s promos for Desperate Housewives and, most recently, her new wave surf-pop song “Heavenly Ride” received a silver award at the California Film Awards.

“Waiting For This” opens on a potent, tasty groove, pulsing with a buff rhythm flowing into rippling synths radiating dark oozing colors. Gentle shimmering colors emerge, infusing the dream-pop melody with glistening accents riding on the streaming surges of velvety textures. The voluptuous undulating feel of the harmonics discharges creamy sensuality amid smoldering steamy colors.

Padrick’s voice, cashmere and elegantly intense, glows with electric erotic tangs delivering gorgeously seductive wafts. This is a voice suffused with subtle nuanced timbres that never dissipate.

The video, directed by Patricia Chica, is set at a Great Gatsby party, with flapper dresses, an opulent backdrop, and champagne flutes. Images from Padrick’s music videos and relationships flicker across black and white screens, displaying the past to curious eyes. Yet the lyrics belie the past and look only to future, as Padrick prepares to move on without letting sentimentality mislead her.

“I’m waiting for this / I’ve given my  life to you / I really want this / Yes, I do, yes, I do / I’m heading west / I’m selling my life to you / You really want this / Yes, you do, yes, you do.”

“Waiting For This” is splendid, full of smooth, luscious colors and suppressed energy, along with the deluxe tones of Kelly Padrick’s posh voice.

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