My Silent Bravery

My Silent Bravery, aka Matthew Wade, continues to evolve as a person and musically. Originally known for his acoustic pop-rock sound, on his new music video, “Holding Out,” he teams up with Nashville rapper Maurico, revealing new aspects of creativity and fearless innovation.

“Holding Out” is the first single from My Silent Bravery’s forthcoming album, Holding Out for Hope.

According to Wade, “The song to me is about HOPE!  Never giving up. Being strong. Good things are going to happen when you keep fighting for what you want. Great things take time. Hope is stronger than fear. Don’t worry, have faith that it will all work out and it will, just not maybe as you had planned it.”

From the beginning, My Silent Bravery’s music has struck a chord in the heart of listeners, witnessed by his constant presence on the charts. His EP, Willing To Try, Chapter 1, placed three songs on Billboard’s charts, while his single, “18,” hit the Top 10 on the Digital Rock chart. He’s charted in the Top 40 on iTunes, and been featured on Amazon’s Hot New Releases. He’s shared the stage with Daughtry, Howie Day, Aaron Carter, and Ryan Cabrera.

What sets My Silent Bravery apart is his eloquent optimism, his unshakable faith in the human spirit, and a spiritual tranquility that’s active rather than passive. His music inspires and motivates.

“Holding Out” opens on burbling synths rolling into a tight trap groove. A thumping kick drum, popping bass line, and crisp sidestick provide the muscular rhythm. Maurico’s spitting flow starts the song off, infusing the tune with cool, skintight energy. When Wade’s melodic tones enter, the juxtaposition of sizzling rap and honeyed tones provide delicious opposing textures. Wade also takes a turn at rapping, demonstrating a lethal expertise at forking out rhymes.

“No matter what / I keep pushing for what I aim to be / Life is hard / But I face it my silent bravery / Holding out, I’m holding out for hope.”

The video depicts fighters preparing to do battle, but not against each other. Rather they are readying their inner forces to enter the donnybrook of life.

“Holding Out” is lit, full of brawny trap dynamics and glossy flows. My Silent Bravery definitely has next up on this song.

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