the bobbleheads

San Francisco’s indie pop-rock outfit The Bobbleheads premiere their new music video on ThriveGlobal. It’s called “I Really See You,” and is the first release from the band’s forthcoming album, Myths and Fables, slated to drop March 29.

Formed in 2003, The Bobbleheads are: John Ashfield (guitar, vocals), Pat Ennis (bass), Rob Harford (guitar, vocals), and Rob Jacobs (drums). Known for the buoyant pop punch of their contagious melodies, on Myths and Fables the band’s sound takes on darker colors, as they explore more serious material. But never fear, it’s still full of pizzazz.

Prior to Myths and Fables, Ashfield, accompanied by his custom-made 12-string Rickenbacker guitar, handled most of the songwriting. But many of the tracks on the impending album embrace contributions from the entire band. Ashfield welcomes the cooperative effort, where everyone has some skin in the game, because he’s brushed up against the other side.

“I cut my teeth at the Stone Pony back in Jersey performing my Beatle-influenced originals,” says Ashfield. “These metal heads in the audience would turn their backs to the stage and flip us off. That just made me more committed to my music.”

“I Really See You” opens on a crisp drum fill, followed by pop-flavored guitars with vague hints of proto-punk oomph. A tight, infectious rhythm drives the tune, punctuated by Ennis’ stellar technique on the bass and Jacobs’ skintight percussion.

The muscular guitar hues on the verses juxtaposed against the brighter high-pitched tones on the chorus gives the tune an innovative harmonic distinction, dark and pulsing over against luminous and ebullient.

Ashfield’s voice, smooth and rich, conveys a retro roundness reminiscent of ‘60s rock, infusing the lyrics with silky timbres, as the radiant background harmonies suffuse the tune with depth. In fact, Ashfield’s dulcet voice conjures up memories of Howard Kaylan and The Turtles.

“I Really See You” presents the perfect sonic intersection of modern pop flavors with the heady flowing textures of rock’s golden age. This is a grandly contagious song.

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