For busy, health-conscious professionals, the meal prep industry is nothing short of heaven sent. It allows them to buy back time and achieve their health goals without having to worry. For consumers, the beauty of this business lies in its convenience. But this convenience comes with a price.

“The reality is that the meal prep industry is not very sustainable,” shares Heather Emerson, one of the founders of Prep To Your Door (PTYD). “Every year, the meal kit industry creates tons of plastic waste. Not to mention, how fresh can a meal shipped across the country really be?” 

This is where Prep To Your Door’s passion for sustainability and good quality food comes in. Founded in 2016, PTYD is the product of its founders’ desire to innovate the industry and provide everyone with ready-to-eat, plant-based meals that taste phenomenal and create zero waste..

PTYD uses reusable jars for its meals instead of single-use plastic containers. Like the old school milk man, they recollect these jars when they drop every new delivery, allowing them to wash and reuse all packaging materials. “It’s important to note, not only are these jars reusable in theory, they are in fact, reused every single week. We’ve delivered hundreds of thousands of meals using less than ten thousand jars which are still in circulation,” adds CEO Faiez Rana. 

In addition, every ingredient PTYD uses is organic, and they actively measure how much produce is sourced from local farms. Rana emphasizes, “our goal is to inch closer and closer to 100% locally sourced by working with small organic farmers to plan their planting schedules with our menus. The phrase, local when possible, just doesn’t do it for us. You can only improve what you measure, which is why we track and set tangible benchmarks to improve every aspect of sustainability across our operation.” 

“Organic ingredients are not only good for you, organic farming is also better for the environment as it helps reduce pollution, conserve water, reduce soil erosion, increase soil fertility, and use less energy. Locally sourcing these ingredients also means that their nutrients are more intact and less energy is used to transport them,” Emerson adds.

“One thing we’d also like people to know is that we believe that at the end of the day, taste is everything. We don’t cut corners–not on the ingredients we use, not on the taste, not on the level of service we provide, or the nutritional value that our meals offer. Our efforts are geared towards bringing a new era for the industry; one that’s more beneficial for everyone.”
Prep To Your Door offers 5-meal, 10-meal, 15-meal, and 20-meal subscription plans–all plant-based, organic, gluten-free. They also allow customers to order one time for them to be able to try their meals. Their current service area includes the Austin and Houston areas. For more information, you may visit or call (515)522-9294.