Who is Dr. P?

Dr. Maryam Poursartip is a primary care physician of 12 years who specialized in Internal Medicine before launching 80/20 Quantum Care. She comes from a diverse background, including a multilingual upbringing being raised in the United Kingdom as the child of Persian parents. She spent her early childhood years in various European countries before her family settled on the island of Cyprus. She is fluent in English, Farsi, French and Greek — with some knowledge of Arabic and Spanish. She attended McGill University in Montreal for her undergraduate studies, before moving onto St. George’s University for medical school. Her residency was completed at the State University of New York, after which she started a new journey in California.80/20 Quantum Care Virtual Community

Dr. Maryam Poursartip, affectionately referred to as “Dr. P,” has launched a new community-based, virtual health practice that applies the 80/20 method to healthcare. Understanding that energy and medicine can merge to successfully treat patients, she has launched 80/20 Quantum Care to support this emerging health and medicine paradigm of the future.

When health issues surfaced for Dr. P a year and a half ago, she realized after a period of time that conventional medicine was not the ideal path for her. The board-certified primary care physician of nearly 12 years discovered other modalities that worked to heal herself, leading to the belief that energy and medicine should co-exist in healthcare. While the 80/20 rule is best-known as a life and time management principle that suggests 20 percent of an individual’s activities will account for 80 percent of their results, Dr. P has applied this anecdote to healthcare success. In her formula, 80 percent involves internal work and releasing blocks from a cellular level that are preventing healing, while 20 percent is the external strategy involving medicine, detoxing, diet and exercise.

80/20 Quantum Care is her community-based approach that supports this new paradigm of health and medicine, offering education, support and health coaching to assist individuals in shifting to this inside-out method of healing. 80/20 Quantum Care covers all paradigms of life, including education, finances and politics — in addition to health.

“The community-based approach of 80/20 Quantum Care is based on the idea that it takes a village of help bring someone back to their natural state of wholeness,” said Dr. P. “Disease is metaphysical — not just physical — and people are waking up to this new form of medicine to heal. We want to serve as the community that supports people from all walks of life as they embrace this new way of addressing health and wellness.”

Additional information about 80/20 Quantum Care is available online, at https://8020quantumcare.com. Dr. P is also a partner in Good Living Health which was founded by her nurse practitioner, and focuses on functional and integrative medicine to unlock the root causes of disease. Their network of practitioners offers mental and emotional health support, IV nutrition therapy, lifestyle medicine, food as medicine, acupuncture, meditation, yoga and more.

Learn more about Good Living Health online, at https://goodlivinghealth.com.