Finding the best ways to prioritize and protect your mental wellbeing in this world full of all kind of pressures both internal or external has proven hard than one could imagine. But then little tricks are available to help out. The beginning of this new year should be of change and rebirth, taking the opportunity to make significant lifestyle changes, to put our health first that is, physical and mental. With the chaos of 2020 still lingering in 2021, prioritizing our mental health will be a great step toward self-care and awareness. Since the onset of COVID-19 last year there has been a lot of concerns on mental health and well-being from the people who were already facing them even before the pandemic and during the pandemic. Worrying about there health, living in fear of being infected with COVID-19, social distancing and total lockdowns many felt stressed and alone just confined in their houses, something they were not used to.

The best strategy to good mental wellbeing is listening to yourself, to that tiny voice in your head that always guides you, it’s called intuition together with the subconscious mind which knows you better than anyone else, they both help you become more self-aware and also they teach you to focus on yourself. Reconnecting with who you are on a fundamental level is the key to getting in control over how you react to situations in your life. As you are trying to figure out ways to listen to your own mind, embrace those thoughts of yours (don’t be in denial) and act on filling your world with love and happiness and you’ll be amazed on the changes you’ll have made with yourself.

 When it all feels chaotic around you just go and stand in-front of the mirror and look at yourself the way you look at the people you love look at yourself in the way you deserved to be looked at and talk good at yourself as you look straight at the mirror, and you’ll feel warmth radiating through you. I bet you’ll be smiling and blushing at yourself. Now that’s you prioritizing yourself positively. Some other way of prioritizing and protecting your mental wellbeing is to know to say no. Setting boundaries is one important thing, sometimes give yourself time to decompress and relax your mind after your many days in day out obligations. R

Exercises are always important to your body as they prevent a lot of chronic diseases and boosts your mind. When people engage in physical exercises the body a positive energy is triggered all over the body that helps you stay positive and mind fresh all day. Creating a 30mins exercise schedule is very important. As with this your anxiety and depression feelings will subside, will improve your sleep and also boost your mood. When you feel you can’t handle your problems alone, because many of us think we have a handle on things until we reach a breaking point and has become worse than it was. It’s imperative to create a support system, confide your troubles to someone you trust and can’t also judge you also know how everything makes you feel and formulate positive ways to deal with these situations.

Family is one important relationship because no matter what they’ll love you as you are even though not all families are the same as others but counting on them in our time of need for help and they’ll help. These relationships help build a sense of belonging and worth while also providing emotional support while sharing experiences through which you too will be able to help your other friends when they fall in to the same trouble.

I learnt that sitting outside in nature in the evening/morning as the birds chirp with their melodious sounds on trees with fresh air flowing through and past you, the sun rising/setting in the horizons, listening to the world, this is a perfect opportunity to start listening to myself. Am not sure it will work for you but trying it out won’t harm at all.  Or maybe there is that yoga class you have always wanted to join or go to a museum you have wanted to visit. In short do all things you have always stopped yourself from doing because maybe you were ignoring them, you deserve that, prioritize yourself for your mental wellbeing let’s make the world less chaotic by first bringing ourselves to balance.

    Sending you love and light for your reflection. ?(❤´艸`❤)(❤´艸`