Gary Saitowitz

Many people believe that it has taken a pandemic to push people to care about their health and wellness. In truth, your health and wellness should be a priority no matter the circumstances. Using sustainable fitness and health routines can help you beat any physical or mental stress you suffer from, while also improving your immune system. One could say that healthy habits are kind of like compound bank interest; the more you keep up with them, the more you reap the benefits. In this crisis, it can be overwhelming to add much of anything to your daily routine, combined with your already busy schedule. However, there are ways to implement new habits based on your routine to stay healthy and happy without sacrificing your other obligations.

Gary Saitowitz: Wellness tips to follow during, and beyond, COVID-19

Small changes

When it comes to improving health and wellness, even regularly active people can struggle to maintain a balanced approach. In order to better yourself, you have to take stock of your entire life. Such a task is a tall order, but it can help you find out what you can do differently for long-lasting benefits. Instead of trying to do everything or nothing at all, it is better to add one new healthy habit per week. For example, you can start taking multivitamins for building immunity and energy every morning. The following week, you can start walking for 30 minutes every day to control stress and insulin sensitivity. The following week, you can include an additional serving of vegetables in your meals for an antioxidant-rich.

Swapping and alternatives

As per expert Gary Saitowitz, it can be exciting to switch out your old habits with new and better habits. If you consume your coffee with cream every morning, you can opt for unsweetened coffee with nut or skim milk instead. You don’t need to maintain a celebrity lifestyle to get better. Don’t compare yourself to others; such a habit can make you resentful. A Hollywood star can work out daily, and an Instagram influencer can show you juice recipes to stay trim – don’t follow anyone’s advice other than your doctors or your nutritionists, alongside your own intuition about what is best for you.

The right wellness plan

As previously suggested, you don’t have to do what others are doing. Your health and wellness are your own. The routine you create should match your lifestyle. You should feel excited about it and enjoy doing it. For example, people talk about intermittent fasting. It may not be the best option for you if you love breakfast early in the morning when you are hungriest. Instead of fasting, just opt for healthier choices. For example, a great breakfast is a smoothie with veggies, avocado, almond milk, berries, and organic whey or plant protein.

At the end of the day, you need to make sure your approach is comprehensive. This can be accomplished with the help of a physician. You should see your doctor at least once a year for an annual full body checkup.