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With the outbreak of coronavirus, quarantining oneself has played a vital role in preventing the spread of viral disease. It has led people to engage in social distancing as a critical way to help & “flatten the curve” & But while dealing with quarantine, it is essential to check some diseases which do not show symptoms and can lead to a severe mental toll. So, taking care of your mental health is necessary, even if your time in quarantine is relatively brief.
The impact that quarantine has can leave people feeling that they have no control over the situation. They also feel cut-off from the rest of the world and can find it daunting. Time seems to creep by much more slowly, and the sense of isolation can lead to depressive symptoms, and impaired executive function. So, it is essential to get to know how we can maintain our mental health and well-being and that of our community during the quarantine period.

It is important to remember that everyone copes with stress differently, and the duration of quarantine is a critical factor in determining how well people cope. While there may be a the minimum period required to mitigate potential disease spread, the psychological impact of the quarantine can be serious.
Therefore, we bring you some essential tips on how to look after your wellbeing while staying in quarantine –
Maintain connections

Staying in contact with your loved ones can keep you away from boredom. It minimizes the sense of isolation. Use different forms of communication, including phone, text, email, messaging, and video-calls. Talking to others who are going through the same thing can provide a sense of community and empowerment, thus try supporting others by reassuring a friend who is feeling stressed. Connect with some virtual forums or groups where you can contribute and reach out to those who might be particularly isolated.
Establish a proper routine as it is your friend

Setting your routine is equally essential for both your physical workspace and your head space. It helps manage your anxiety and maintain your clarity of thought. In some occasions dealing with quarantine, can leave you feeling directionless as you try to figure out how to fill all the hours of the day. Make a to-do list of all the things you want to achieve each day to create a sense of the normality as this will subsequently help you to adapt more quickly to this current reality. 
Be as Active as Possible

Inactivity could lead to reductions in muscle mass and metabolic effects and can have an impact on your health, both mentally and physically. Finding ways to stay occupied is essential, and there are plenty of at-home workout ideas that can help you to feel better. You don’t need a bunch of expensive equipment instead check out some exercise videos to help combat the sense of boredom. Being active thus can provide a sense of purpose and competency to look forward to each day.
Lastly, it can be helpful to think about the reasons why you are quarantining yourself. By isolating physically, you are doing your part to prevent the spread of the disease and reminding this can sometimes make your days in quarantine a little easier to bear.


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