Problems Faced By Employees During Work From Home

During the coronavirus lockdown, all have affected in one or the other way. Whether you are a student, a working person, or a senior citizen, your lifestyle must be affected. Here we will be talking about the working people who used to regularly go to the office, and they are now working from home. Their lifestyle has also completely changed.

Initially, it was quite difficult to indulge in these working scenarios; as it was difficult to manage the personal and professional life simultaneously. Somehow working people have managed to do their work but still there are lots of issues they are facing. Here are some of the difficulties which are being faced by the majority of the employees who are working from home.

Managing Personal and Professional Life

Even though many of the employees have managed to maintain a balance between personal and personal life, but still there are some situations which are difficult to handle. If you have a small kid then the situation becomes even worst you cannot ask him to sit quietly and let you do your work. When he is in a mood to play you cannot deny him or ignore him at that time. So it becomes quite tricky to handle such type of situations while you are working.

Non-Cooperation From Employers

Some of the employers are quite cooperative and understands your problems in such a situation of the pandemic. But some of the employers are quite irritating, they keep on calling their employees to check whether they are working or not. Sometimes it gets very annoying if they call you again and again while you are working. Some employers use the tracker to keep a check on their employees which creates a feeling of distrust among the employees. Non-cooperation of employees is one of the major problems being faced by the employees working from home which leads to stress.

Hindrance in Proper Communication

Another major problem in this scenario is the flow of communication. You do not have the freedom to go and communicate one on one with your co-workers and discuss the queries. You have to wait for calls or emails to get the solutions to your problems. Businesses are using various video calling apps to communicate and establish a good communication network with their employees. But still, there are problems in proper communication between the employees and employers.

Technical Hindrances

This is also one of the most common problems employees are facing. Sometimes the internet stops working or there is a problem in a laptop which you have to fix on your own, unlike your office where you would call the system admin or some technical person to fix your problem. There is a major network issue which employees are facing while working from home. In such situation, it is best to have a backup plan, like having another source of internet connection and spare laptop. If your employers allow, you can adjust your working hours also.

Boredom Is Your Enemy

Sitting at one place and working on a laptop has become quite a boring situation for many employees. It leads to monotony and boredom. While you were in office, you could go out for a minute and feel refreshed and relax in lunch breaks also, but working at home becomes boring at one point of time. You cannot do much to avoid this boredom but to feel refreshed and energetic you can follow a few options. First is to take a small break after every one hour, you can go in your balcony or terrace and feel the fresh air. Second is to watch a comedy video in your small break but make sure the video is short and refreshing. Third, you can have a cup of tea or a glass of juice to feel energetic. This will help you to reduce the boredom. 

Time Management

One other problem employees are facing is to manage the time properly. You need to manage the time efficiently. You can make a time table of your own that in a particular period you have to complete one set of work. In case you don’t want to make a time table, you can follow the office timings. You can take same breaks you used to take in the office and finish the work in-office hours. You need not miss out breakfast or lunch to complete your work. Proper allocation of time will help you to give enough time to your family as well.

Distraction is All Around

Even if you are sitting at home there are a lot of distractions around you. Suppose, when you are all set to start your work and your favourite movie starts on TV, you will easily get distracted and you will think of watching it first which will delay your work. In other case, if your relatives arrive at your home without any prior notification then you cannot take your laptop and start working; you have to attend your guests. Another major distraction is your phone once you start scrolling through social media apps you will at least spend half an hour on it. When you are feeling you want a break without getting distracted, then go to EMFAssure to read out some good stuff. 

The working scenario is completely different at the office as compared to home. So in this case what you can do is sit in a different room where there is no TV and log out of social media apps because you have to keep your phone with you for making office calls. You must create an environment in your room where you feel like working. Ask your kids to play in a different room with other family members. This will help you to work with a focus and complete your work in working hours, and you can give time to your family as well. You can try this out as well this will help you!