There are 4 extremely common problems with respect to romantic relationships across the world.

Firstly, some people may struggle badly to find a suitable lover or a partner. Then there are others who may have to witness repeated break-ups for one reason or the other. Thirdly, there would be relationships that may turn loveless after some time. Finally, a long loving relationship may hit a vacuum patch for some mysterious reason, demanding reinvention.

Can science of spirituality help in all these matters?

By the way, what spirituality may have to do with finding a suitable lover or retaining the zing thing called love into an existing relationship?

Well, to learn this secret let’s begin with a simple question:

Why do we feel the need of a lover in life?

Answer Options:

#1: A lover comes out of a natural attraction that brings happiness.

#2: A lover is needed for enjoying the act of love-making or sex.

#3: Finding a lover is a way of reaching our own fulfillment.

#4: All of the above in sequence.

The correct answer to the above question is of course: Option #4. And now let’s understand each one of them to learn why science of spirituality may be the ideal solution for all love related problems.

#1. A lover comes out of natural attraction that brings happiness.

People say: Pairs get made in heaven.

Moreover, we don’t get attracted romantically to everyone. Instead we get attracted to a select few. Then we start thinking about that person, repeatedly. Soon that person starts occupying all our thoughts and we begin yearning to be with them.

Thereafter a mere thought of that person rakes in us the feeling of love and that feeling is infinitely blissful.

Next, if a similar feeling is shared on both the sides, then soon, strangers become lovers. Otherwise, your feelings remain a mere one-sided affair. However, irrespective of this outcome, this initiation is always a natural attraction that brings happiness to us by itself.

This is for the beginning, however what about afterwards?

Interestingly, the quality of the relationship or its longevity is largely decided by the presence of shared-choices between the two partners.  

The ideal situation is when the two partners can have complementary skills and can share certain common goals for life. For example, one loves cooking, while the other doesn’t mind shopping for grocery or helping in the kitchen. This way the shared life becomes a chain of natural harmony for a common goal.    

Interestingly, finding your natural harmony is also the key objective of spirituality.

Therefore, one of the most important attributes that you can learn from spirituality is to be more accommodative. To be softer, to be patient, to be able to discuss difficult subjects with your partner or anyone without raking in negative emotions and making best of what you have got for yourself!

Also, you can learn to ride over your own complexes, your own hidden tendencies and your own weaknesses. Healing up all these elements, which then in turn help you heal your relationship.

Modern experts call them soft-skills and the science of spirituality allows you to acquire and strengthen them easily.

#2. A lover is needed for enjoying the act of love-making or sex.

We all know that none of us invented the mechanism of love-making or sex. It is instead a biological arrangement. It is an activity that is needed for constant evolution of life on the planet. No sex means, no children. No next generation.

However, at the same time, sex without love is decried and looked down upon almost everywhere in the world, in every civilized society. In contrast, love-making between true lovers is described as an eternal event or a divine union. Those love stories are sung as fables for generations.

Besides, when two lovers, who have been feeling a deep emotional connect with each other, climax together in the act of love-making through orgasm, they can easily experience becoming one with each other. Two bodies, one soul – such expressions are used to explain that state of being.

Further, that experience of physical and emotional unification through the act of love-making is deeply fulfilling. It is unimaginably blissful. The term used to define it is ecstasy. It is an experience which makes you feel instantly peaceful. You immediately start sensing harmony with your existence.

Now let’s ask: What is spirituality?

In the simplest words, spirituality is the mechanism of finding your own peace or harmony in life.

In slightly complex words, it is the mechanism of finding your natural blissfulness within.

In further little difficult words, it is the mechanism of understanding your soul, your spirit or your own hidden divinity.

#3. Finding a lover is a way of reaching our own fulfillment.

Interestingly, in almost every civilized culture around the world, unless you have found yourself a suitable partner, you are somehow considered unsettled or incomplete, as if something has remained missing in you. 

In more conservative societies, this settlement happens through a traditional marriage, while in rather contemporary societies, it is desirable to be in a stable relationship at least.

Therefore, finding a lover, partner or spouse or whatever name you give to that person or that relationship is deemed the most important event of life almost everywhere, for everyone.


What completion or what settlement comes to an individual by finding a lover or a life-partner or a spouse? Why life is considered settled or fulfilled only after you have found one? Moreover, what fulfillment are we searching from this life?

In spiritual terms, there are 4 levels of fulfillment that we keep seeking for ourselves in life, knowingly as well as unknowingly. Meaning from the conscious mind and also from the level of the sub-conscious mind:

The first is physical fulfillment: This comes when you are able to maintain yourself as an attractive person. This is about looking beautiful, feeling beautiful and being beautiful.  

The next is mental fulfilment: In context of couples and other worldly people, this level of fulfillment is achieved largely once you can have excellent compatibility with your partner or lover. Thereby you start feeling settled; a sense of completion comes to you, a milestone is reached. A new life begins thereafter. This is also a social recognition. People stop bugging you for being single. There are other dimensions of mental fulfillment also nevertheless finding your compatibility with your partner is the most important one for most of the people.

The third is emotional fulfillment: This comes when you find that your time on the planet is getting spent the way it suits you the best based on your various talents, interests and choices. This refers to the feeling of happiness within.

Finally, spiritual fulfillment: This fulfillment comes once you are able to understand yourself as the soul or the metaphysical entity that you are in truth, much beyond your body-mind complex. This is about finding your internal peacefulness, which stays with you irrespective of the happenings in the world outside. Hence this is the most powerful level of fulfillment. Even achieving a little of it, transforms the life for good and forever.

#4. Bringing it all together

Basically, in simple words we just want to be happy… always.

This thirst for happiness is an emotional requirement. It operates from the level of the sub-conscious mind that in turn impacts our conscious mind. As a result, whatever we do through our physical and mental actions, we do it with a purpose of finding happiness in life.

Unfortunately, life in the world outside is seldom a fairy tale. For some mysterious reasons we have to also see challenges, failures, limitations and restrictions in the same life. These experiences wipe happiness from the life.

So, what can be the way out?

Our physical energy or our mental sharpness cannot solve our emotional problems beyond a point simply because our emotions are far more powerful than both of them. This is why, when problems are emotional, the solution can come only from the spiritual level.

As stated already, our own spirituality or our own divinity is the highest level of energy stored in us. Somehow this energy stays hidden from our ordinary consciousness and that is why most of us cannot feel it directly. Yet we all get to see glimpses of it at various points in life.

For example:  When we feel naturally attracted to someone or we start falling in love or in orgasm or in holding a new born in our arms – all such moments feel divine because the energy that feeds them rises from the pool that is held hidden within and often referred to as our spirit or our soul.

Interestingly, deep love or true love takes us naturally on to the path of both emotional and spiritual fulfillment and this is why love and spirituality are so closely linked to each other.

Therefore, if someone has been failing to find love or have been trapped in loops of unhappiness for any reason, then seeking your spiritual realization or spiritual fulfillment is an extremely logical way to rediscover your natural semblance, strength and sharpness once again.

Please Note: This is not occult or magic.

Instead this is a practical science that includes learning control of senses, control of mind, harnessing your natural strengths and transforming your internal tendencies. In this training you can understand the true reasons that may be raking your current problems.

This science can be learned by anyone and has been taught since time immemorial in countries such as India through traditional Guru-Shishya Parampara. (The Teacher-Student Connection)

There are two parts to this trainingPart 1 is about understanding the theory, which is the background science. Then, Part 2 covers regular practice for application of the same science in the daily life. Both these parts go hand-in-hand and are duly enabled by the teacher based on the student’s aptitude, background, situation and requirement.

Hence, this is always a personalized training.

In extremely practical terms, spiritual training broadens your mental horizon. It helps you improve your personal habits. This in turn allows you to expand your emotional outlook and inculcate qualities such as courage, empathy and kindness, which in turn not only improve your overall quality of life but also enhances the quality of your relationships as well.

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Therefore, if you have been experiencing unhappiness in life due to either want of a partner or repeated break-ups or being in a loveless relationship or feeling that your relationship needs rediscovery, then do look towards learning the science of spirituality.

I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

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