Myra Ann Elizabeth Uber – better known as the Marketing Goddess – is the Founder of The Marketing Goddess, CMO at the InsideOut Institute, and manages a health and wellness company, uberFABulousLife. After u-turning from being unemployable to developing an almost natural knack for social media marketing, she’s 10X’d her engagement across multiple social platforms, helping clients across America boost their social media campaigns. This fast learning curve and unrelenting focus on helping her clients could be attributed to her training as a classical ballerina, which she’s been practicing since she was just five years old. The same persistence and discipline required to learn are essential to success in almost any endeavor, including mastery of social media marketing. 

Now, her title of “Marketing Goddess” was not built on conceit. One of her clients – a local realtor she’d helped gain more business – used it to describe her, and it’s stuck ever since. This is because she and her social media marketing agency, The Marketing Goddess, have it down to a science. They specialize in providing tailored social media marketing solutions, so they’re always able to capture their client’s voice and communicate their brand’s unique values – something many marketing agencies struggle to get right. Myra’s latest client and business partner is InsideOut Institute (IOI), a movement of coaches, energy healers, and entrepreneurs. Their main aim is to come together, connect and experience massive breakthroughs together while making lifelong transformations happen. It’s no surprise they and Myra came together, seeing as IOI’s values align with her own, innate want to help others achieve their fullest potential. 

When she’s not using social media to expand her clients’ businesses or helping others live healthier lives through uberFABulousLife, you can find Myra spending time with her two children, immersing herself in a yoga session, or taking quality snaps to add to her photography collection. 

Today, she’s been kind enough to give us a few handy tips she’s picked up on her journey to success, as well as principles she lives by. 

You can start implementing these in your own life today:

Love The Process

It’s easy to get caught in “work mode” once you’re there but placing so much focus on that big goal on the horizon instead of the small wins you’re racking up along the way can be discouraging. So, celebrate the small victories as well as the big ones. Small milestones are still milestones and knowing you’re making progress builds confidence that’ll serve you for a lifetime. Remember, too, that most people never bother to set goals, let alone see them through to the end – you going after what you want is a victory in itself. 

Life’s Too Short

Being surrounded by toxic people, hating your living situation, and being unfulfilled are all things you’ll regret putting up with when you’re older. Decide what you want and how you want your life to look – really see it in your mind – and don’t stop until you get it. Life’s too short to be anything but happy, to live anything but your best life. This fully clicked for Myra when she lost her mother to cancer 5 years ago. Don’t wait for something so painful to hammer this point home; instead, live like there’s no tomorrow. 

Haters Are Seldom Doing Better Than You

You and your haters aren’t operating on the same wavelength. They’re on the sidelines watching the game, you’re on the field playing it. Anyone can shout angrily from the sidelines waiting eagerly for you to fail, but few dare to get out there and play the game of getting after the life they want. 

Surround Yourself With Great People

Positivity breeds positivity. Get around people whose company you enjoy, and who are on a similar mission to you (it’s best when these people fall into the same category). This way, when you start taking on the traits of those around you, you’ll become a happier, more driven, and productive person. You’ll also have plenty of time to bounce ideas off of people who think similarly to you, and will do what they can to help, rather than discourage you. 

Myra’s new book “Mighty Things Come In Small Packages”, will launch later this year. The book delves into her personal story, how the abandonment of her father before she was born affected her, and how abandonment can affect relationships as a whole. 

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