Razza is an up and coming producer based out of Boston, MA who is destined for greatness. Razza has been obsessed with music for as long as he can remember. He started out wanting to become a rapper at the young age of just nine years old. He discovered music production at a very early age because he wanted to record himself rapping. Then he learned how to make beats and that is when he discovered his real passion.

He has very many influences in his life, Lil Wayne was one of the biggest. Lil Wayne is probably the reason he makes beats today Razza claims. When Razza was younger, when he was practicing how to make beats, he just remade them. The first beat he remade was “Steady Mobbin” and “Pop Bottles”, this was when he first discovered FL Studio.

Razza was brought up listening to 90’s Hip-Hip, 90’s R&B and 80’s Rock when he was very young. When he actually started listening to music on his own, he would listen to a lot of Lil Jon, Ying Yang Twins and Ludacris. But then incorporated his own style as he grew up. Razza has constantly gravitated toward the style of music that is today.

He wants to be the best producer he can be, he always wants a challenge so he is sure he’ll pick up another hustle along the way. Maybe it’ll be managing other producers, managing artists or starting a separate business, who knows?

In this creative business, everyone experiences roadblocks and problems along the way. Razza particularly just steps away for some time until he can’t wait to get back in the studio and cook up again. He says “sometimes pushing through does more harm than good, balance is key in life.”

To get his creative juices flowing, it is simple. As long as he can catch the vibe he’s got it. The LED lights, a clean set up and plenty of accessible needs like food and drinks are key for the vibe. The most important thing to be around for the vibe is weed Razza claims, “but that’s just me. Everyone’s process is different”.

If Razza could change something about himself he says he’d like to “stay more focused.” For example, if Razza catches himself on Instagram scrolling he stops himself and uses that time to network and market himself instead. Or maybe open up a podcast or watch a tutorial instead. Razza says using that same time you’re wasting on social media you can be doing something to further your career. “One of these days I’ll be 80 years old”, Razza says he doesn’t want to be that old man who says he wished he spent more time doing what he loved. So he is currently working to make that part of his routine daily. “The ones who are most successful in life are the most focused.”