To Sleep… Perchance to dream,  Aye, there’s the rub!                                                                                                                               


A year ago, if you would have asked me about adjustable bed bases, my answer would have been simple; they are for hospitals and people with serious medical conditions.  I could not have been more wrong. Similarly, if you would have asked me about a mattress being delivered in a box to my front door, there is a high probability that I would have called you crazy. Again, I could not have been more wrong.

I can clearly recall when the entire bed-in-a-box concept came about.  I was searching for a new mattress and I didn’t have thousands, or even hundreds, of dollars to spend.  I came across an article that piqued my interest. Do they really fit an entire Queen sized mattress in just one box? Surely, that’s not possible.  I did some research, found what little information I could back then and decided to give it a go. Sams Club was having a sale so I was able to get a queen sized mattress at an exceptionally affordable price. When the mattress arrived I was more in awe of the small size of the box than anything.  Pulling it out, I honestly did not believe that I would be sleeping on that “thing” in a matter of hours. Sure enough, the rolled up foam became a mattress and since that day, just the thought of a traditional spring mattress makes my back hurt.

So I was sold on the bed-in-a-box concept, however an adjustable base for me? There is no way I needed something that fancy. I am young and consider myself to be in good health so what would be the point in spending so much money? Curious by nature, again, I did some research.   Mind=Blown.  You can scour the internet and find millions of articles written on these modernized versions of the old hospital-style bed bases. It’s a virtual black hole of information.

Let me break it down for you.  You need one of these beds. Period.  End of story. How much would you pay for the best sleep you have had since you were a child? I know I would pay a pretty penny.  These beds have become more and more affordable and the benefits of owning one make the cost an investment, not an expense.   

Does your significant other snore? Maybe you’re the problem?  Simply tilt the head on the base and suddenly the sweet sound of silence!

Do you wake up throughout the night or every morning with back pain? These majestic contraptions adjust to so many different positions there is no way that you won’t find your personal sweet spot.  When you find it, save it! Just like magic!     

Tacos, pizza or that spicy Thai you love keeping you awake with heartburn or acid reflux? Just adjust the head incline 6-8 inches and you’ll be asleep again in no time!           

Does your arm fall asleep just as you are about to drift away causing you to readjust and start the entire sleep process over again? This bed is your answer. These beds adjust to just the right positions, reducing pressure and increasing blood flow and circulation to the heart.  This is a great way to ensure you are asleep long before your arm.  Added bonus? Circulation is improved allowing you to sleep peacefully throughout the night. 

USB Ports, Underbed lighting, massage, and an app on your phone that allows you to control every aspect of your base are the icing on the cake!

Sven & Son

Here’s the bottom line. A vast majority of people are severely lacking the good, quality and restful sleep that is needed to make it through the day and to stay healthy. Our sleep habits leave a lot to be desired.  If you feel like you didn’t sleep much the night before, even after a normal bedtime, you likely didn’t. Reaching stage 4 of the NREM sleep cycle requires ultimate relaxation and comfort.  What if you looked forward to going to bed each night knowing that the next day your productivity and energy levels will be at some of the highest levels since childhood?

Technology has most definitely come a long way, people!  This is NOT your grandmother’s adjustable bed!