When it comes to working or any goal that comes to mind, people are continually trying to find ways to finish things faster. Thus, some find themselves utilizing some basic productivity methods such as doing their difficult tasks first, doing their easy work quickly, minimizing distractions, etc. While all of these are excellent ways to improve one’s productivity, there is still room to get tasks done in less time with more efficiency. The following are some productivity tips that may surprise you:

Utilize a White Board

Having a big whiteboard serves as a constant reminder of the tasks that need to be complete. Instead of sticky notes that can become very numerous, a whiteboard is a large dry-erase board where one’s objectives are always visible. This improves a person’s focus because it helps one to comprehend their ideas more clearly and concisely.

Standing Desk

Sitting down for too long can render physical aches as well as mental fatigue. Having a standing desk takes the stagnation out of working. If a person’s job requires them to be stationary, then they can still add some variation to their work routine. Sitting down for too long can make a person feel tired quicker and lethargic. Standing desks provide the ability to write, email, conference call, and use the computer while standing up. These kinds of desks come with a feature that allows the desk to raise and lower to the desired height for optimum comfort.

Repaint Your Office

Many offices are notorious for their dull beige and grey colors. While some people think that such things as wall color are mundane, colors can psychologically affect a person. For instance, many fast food companies use red in their logos since red is a welcoming color that tends to make people feel hungrier. Thus, one’s workspace must uplift and energize them throughout their workday. Colors like green and orange are excellent options for this.

Simulate Normal Work Conditions

If one works more remotely from home and is experiencing a moment of lethargy, then they should try to change up their environment. A great way to boost productivity is to simulate a normal work environment. For instance, instead of working in the bedroom, a person can set up a home office and work from their desk. The idea is that a person shouldn’t be too comfortable to the point they want to partake in leisurely activities as opposed to doing their job.

Article originally published on DawnDemers.com