As someone who grew up being told of the ills of communism in the Soviet era, I believe firmly in the view that we must do more to promote personal responsibility during these challenging times. Part of that requires us instilling confidence in our fellow citizens and Americans.

People need to have faith in their capacity to secure their financial independence, in order for them to go out and muster up the confidence to pursue opportunities that might be a change in course from what they’re ordinarily accustomed to.

The Coronavirus pandemic has indeed created an unsettling environment for so many. The economic conditions that it has brought upon every-day hardworking Americans are indeed catastrophic in many cases. This is not a fact that can possibly be understated.

But helping one another is equally important; and one of the many things that make me so proud of being an American is the generosity of spirit that Americans share. There’s a certain aching desire and eagerness that Americans feel toward one another, to help and assist in any way they can.

As small businesses in many states have had to shut and even under current conditions are limited in their ability to maximize their financial opportunity, the economic heartache has been severe in many cases. This indeed is heart-wrenching to watch and to witness.

But as Americans we rightfully feel it incumbent upon ourselves to help each-other, especially during these perilous times. And of course, that desire is admirable and should indeed be acted upon. So how indeed can people go about committing themselves to acts of generosity on behalf of others?

Philanthropy is multi-faceted and the approach should be viewed in a universal way. Indeed there are so many ways in this environment that people can be helped, beyond purely financial giving. Let’s donate our time and our services. Our talents and our abilities. The opportunities are limitless. They should all be acted upon accordingly.