Practicing breathing properly helps to regulate all organs, helps us control our emotions and improve our health. When a baby is born, the first cry is the sound of breathing. There is also a saying in folklore: “As long as you breathe, you are still alive, if you stop breathing, you will die”. Let’s join to learn more about this issue.

The role of proper breathing in Eastern and Western Medicine

How does Eastern medicine think about breathing properly?

Practicing breathing properly in the mind is the best relaxation solution, it lies in the nourishment. Nurturing life is defined as nourishing life, nourishing life has 4 contents: way of life, macrobiotics, exercise and attitude and spirit in life.

There are two types of exercise: physical exercise (motor exercise) and mental exercise. When it comes to breathing exercises, it’s about both physical and mental movement. Because when we practice deep breathing properly, it will provide more oxygen to the body, and when oxygen is supplied more, it will create more energy for the body, so it will help to relax. relax and improve our health.

In oriental medicine, there are 3 treasures in improving human health and life: Tinh, Qi, and God .

That god is an expression of alertness and perception . Specifically: we can gather, we can talk and discuss, and when it is said that a person has a god, his or her eyes are flexible, the senses are alert enough to reflect and there is no sign of any disturbance. tired.

Breathing properly helps to keep the spirit happy
Breathing properly helps to keep the spirit happy

And semen is the ingredient that helps our body to work in the metabolism and nourish the body to ensure improved health.

The essence is that when eating nutrients and lack of oxygen in the process of breathing improperly, it cannot be converted into energy. And vice versa, if you want to have a god, you have to make sure you have enough spirit. So in the end, it is still the middle, because if you don’t practice breathing properly, you will not convert food into energy, without helping to improve health, the spirit to think, think, and be flexible in activities. brain. Therefore, practicing breathing properly helps to create vitality for the body.

To improve health, each person must have enough of these 3 treasures, because without it, people are not active enough, enough of it will be enough for us to be able to function. But in order for these 3 treasures to work, the most important thing is to practice breathing properly.

The concept of breathing of Western medicine.

In Western medicine, the breath provides oxygen, and this oxygen when inhaled into the lungs will be exchanged to push carbon dioxide out.

When practicing breathing properly, oxygen is penetrated into the blood, attached to red blood cells, then to cells to convert food, food into energy, ATP, … so that we can improve health, Because all activities require energy, if you want to have a lot of energy, you must have a lot of oxygen, but with a lot of oxygen, you still have to practice breathing properly.

When we breathe we remember that it makes our mind awake, when we lack oxygen due to improper breathing, of course the body is very tired.

The brain in the human body weighs only 1kg
The brain in the human body weighs only 1kg

Besides, breathing properly also helps the brain work better. Our brain is 1kg at most, while our body is 50kg-60kg. But it needs up to 25% of the blood and more than 20% of the oxygen when breathing properly to reach the brain cells enough to work. When we use the concrete numbers of modern medicine, we understand how important it is to practice breathing properly

What happens to a person who is not breathing properly?

With traditional medicine: “the waste owner is fast”. That is, when that person is not breathing properly, his skin is not bright or fresh, his face is always red, which means that his emotions are not in control, called holding his breath. Breathing improperly, the face is always red and irritable, easily angered. As a result, these improper breathing people do not control their emotions, work easily tired, talk without energy.

Are there many schools of thought on how to breathe properly to promote health?

There are many schools in teaching how to breathe properly, like I often say “life is important to whom I meet”, which school I meet will determine whether my health will improve or not.

Currently, there are many types of breathing: belly breathing, chest breathing, shoulder lifting breathing, some people combine the abdomen chest and shoulders, some people breathe unevenly, some people breathe evenly, …. In short, the correct breathing is when the larynx must be open, that is, keeping the breath open, and all other things are just additional techniques.

When is it necessary to go to the hospital for treatment of a patient with Covid 19?

As everyone knows, the government is currently dividing it into two categories: those who need to be hospitalized and those who can self-treat at home.

When you feel that you are short of breath, but you have calmed down and practiced breathing properly but still do not decrease, you may need to go to the hospital for testing.

And when breathing difficulty plus high viral load along with severe symptoms should take the patient to the hospital to help breathe oxygen and have emergency vehicles to support. For those who are fortunate not to have Covid, from now on, practice breathing properly.

When unconsciously thinking nothing at all, everyone is breathing, the heart is still beating like that with life. On average, a human can breathe in 1 minute:

  • 12 to 20 times a minute if normal
  • 24 times per minute is when running or going up stairs or doing vigorous activities
  • And over 24 times a minute, up to 28 times a minute, you have to breathe with oxygen,
  • 30-32 times a minute is respiratory failure.

That’s how you can tell if your breathing is correct and if it’s more than 24, notify hotlines so they can decide if you can treat yourself at home or go to the hospital.

How to do breathing correctly.

  • We try to inhale through the nose and at the same time the abdomen expands (because when we inhale deeply, the diaphragm expands to the maximum and presses the diaphragm to the abdomen, so the abdomen will expand).
  • When breathing in, you can count 1 2 3 4 silently, hold for about 2 seconds, and exhale 1 2 3 4 5 6 when the abdomen falls, start a new breath.
  • And when we breathe out we just breathe through our nose or through our mouth and the belly goes down.
How to breathe properly to improve health
How to breathe properly to improve health

If we pay attention to our belly, we will breathe slowly and deeply.

Inhaling is already slow but it will be faster than exhaling, when breathing we put our hands on the navel, then inhale deeply and see the hands rise because then the abdomen expands and when exhaled, it will collapse.

You should use a watch to count breaths if breathing 8, 10, 12 times is good, ie oxygen is always enough for the body that is the right way to breathe.

When we are sick, we may have difficulty breathing, lying on a 45-degree side will make it easier to breathe a bit and put a pillow behind our back, not completely tilted, it will be pressed on the arm, at this time breathing will be easier. easier. .

The purpose of practicing breathing properly is to try to practice breathing for 1 minute, only breathing 12 to 16 times so it’s good. People who meditate and practice breathing regularly can breathe 6-8 times a minute.

Proper breathing supports health promotion and disease improvement.

Proper breathing exercises help support and treat what disease?

First, breathing properly makes people feel better. In Eastern medicine breathing when we give qi is called filling. Filling means that the land is producing medicine, or the land is in. When breathing properly, the body adjusts itself, when this internal cannot be adjusted, people take new medicine from the outside, called external thuê máy photocopy tại bình dương

So when we breathe properly, we don’t feel tired or short of breath when we talk, along with improving our health. Practicing proper breathing every day is not contraindicated for anyone , it is only contraindicated for exercises with various specific diseases.

  • With high blood pressure , the patient breathes properly as usual but is not accompanied by the banana-planting movement, for example.
  • If you have low blood pressure , you can breathe in the same way, but you should practice with the movement of planting bananas to increase blood circulation to the head area.
  • With diabetes , practice breathing properly as usual, so that all limbs are involved in the movement when you breathe, so that oxygen to each cell will improve well for the patient.
  • People with respiratory diseases
  1. Patients with lung disease pay attention to hyperventilation, which is to bring in more oxygen.
  2.  As for asthma, COPD (respiratory obstruction) attention as much waste CO 2 , the better, if not discharged when too much CO 2 (emphysema) hold more oxygen in the lungs, but can not be used.
Exercises that incorporate proper breathing
Exercises that incorporate proper breathing

When practicing breathing properly of lung disease, it is possible to combine the above movements with a lot of impact on the chest area. For example: raising hands up, to the sides, … these movements stimulate a lot of the chest area, which is beneficial for respiratory diseases.

Get rid of Stress by breathing properly every day?

It is said that stress is salt that adds flavor to life, life without stress would be tasteless. So less stress let me look at myself, but too much stress like the pressure of work, the pressure of exams will greatly affect mental and physical health.

Besides planning for work, practicing breathing daily is also a right way to improve your health.

Whenever you are too stressed, relax your body and take a deep breath. Thus, you will feel a flow of blood circulating throughout the body, making you warm, helping you overcome stress, overcome stress.

How long to breathe during the day is good, prepare for breathing exercises?

Practice 3 times a day for half an hour ( half an hour in the morning, half an hour at noon, half an hour in the evening), so remember that you don’t need much, but you need to be patient. Practice breathing for months and years, not days, if you practice rushing for a few days and then quit, this is not good for your health .

Cool space for breathing exercises
Cool space for breathing exercises

At present, the intensity of work often leads to pressure and stress. So we do not need to be too careful in preparing the place to practice breathing.  Just enough open space. Because breathing practice is a long process, if every time you practice breathing, you still need this right, that, this way can’t work, … a few times, you will naturally feel frustrated and then give up. So any situation: when sitting on the train, in the car, in the office, … is all fine.

The benefits of breathing properly help improve health.

Proper breathing is slow breathing so the more gas exchange, the slower the breathing, the more oxygen stays in the body and moves through the body.

Does practicing breathing properly help us prevent anything against the covid 19 pandemic?

If you practice breathing properly in the early stages, it helps to improve resistance.

And those who already have Covid 19 have already suffered lung damage. So when coming home from the hospital, practicing breathing properly every day helps to improve resistance, improve health thanks to blood circulation.

At night, before going to bed, we pay attention to the breath , practice breathing that is the best form of relaxation to go to sleep physiologically without taking sleeping pills, just breathe slowly and deeply pay attention to the breath up. down to pay attention to his belly.

Improve health when practicing breathing before sleep
Improve health when practicing breathing before sleep

And when we practice breathing like that, it helps oxygen to go all the way to our limbs. Practicing breathing properly helps to prevent pain and numbness in hands and feet. Because of joint pain, muscle pain, we are worried because we lack oxygen due to not breathing properly, resulting in blood not carrying nutrients to parts of the body.

Brain cells too, regular proper breathing practice will keep us young for a long time because it has less brain fibrosis and reduces Alzheimer’s, reduces dementia and besides, our skin will be ruddy. fresh and smooth, not pale.