We can have our goals set in place.
We can have an action plan broken into manageable steps.
We can have clarity in terms of our vision and what we truly want.
We can be determined and have high ambition while still maintaining our happiness, fulfillment and relationships in our lives.

But yet…

Time and time again, we fall off track.
We get tipped into a place of chaos.

Yes, a lot of things happen in life TO US that we have little control over. Those extenuating circumstances cause us to fall off track and unfortunately, all we can do is work through the pain, find the lessons within and eventually push ourselves forward. This is why mindset work is SO important – so that when those difficult times inevitably do come up for us, we can bounce back more quickly. 

Here’s the truth, though – more often than not, we fall off track because of the choices we are making. This is not about blame, guilt or shame. It’s about recognizing and acknowledging the choices we make that tip us over the edge. It’s about recognizing when we are playing small and identifying what factors in our lives cause us to make the choices we make. It’s about seeking clarity in terms of your inner compass and figuring out what EXACTLY causes you to tip into the land of chaos and overwhelm?

So, what is disrupting the energy in your life?

Journal on this; write down the names of all the people, activities, projects, behaviors, etc. that are PULLING you into OVERWHELM, STRESS and DRAMA. How do these factors affect your mindset, attitude and energy levels? 

What is the COST of keeping these elements in your life?
What is similar or in common? Any patterns?
Are there seasons or times where some are more pronounced than others?
Are there any ties that you can immediately CUT from your life? If so, how?
For the things you can’t cut, how can you REDEFINE those elements in your life?

The most important thing we can do to stay on track and avoid getting pulled into the chaos and overwhelm, is to protect our own energy.

Imagine that you have a “pot of yes’s” in your life. You have a finite number of “YES’S” to give away – you give them to your spouse, your children, projects at work, social gatherings, your parents/family/friends, etc.  You keep saying yes to things, activities, thoughts, drama, behaviors until eventually, your pot empties.

And when your pot empties, you enter into a deficit. You start pulling on and affecting your time, your relationships, your motivation, joy, energy, happiness, health and finances.

My point here is that it matters what you say yes to! 

Start to evaluate and reflect on everything you are saying YES to that is PULLING on your important reserves. This could be activities, projects, people; it could also be the things you are ALLOWING to enter your life, such as drama, toxic relationships, comparison, judgement, etc. Of those, what is ONE area that you could start focusing in on and saying NO to more often?

Start small and make one area your priority. As you practice and gain more confidence, it will naturally start to flow into other areas of your life.

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