Outdoor therapy

Not only are the great outdoors and sunlight a vitamin D booster but it’s been proven to help memory, improve depression, and help with arthritis pain.

When Dr. Sammy Hagan, a psychologist in Washington DC got retirement age at 62 in 2009, he stated he felt more accomplished to help people in his later life than when he first received his degree in 1979.

Dr. Hagan’s words were “when I was young, I thought I had all these bright ideas, the latest therapies, and medical information from all these researchers. Dr, Hagan also stated “Now that I have had success in helping people manage all types of issues with mental and physical induced stress, I realize more of life’s stressors can be eliminated by God’s masterpiece, the great outdoors.

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Arthritis Therapy Methods

For those who have arthritis, any type of physical activity as long as it’s not strenuous on the body as a whole. Walking is great activity for a problematic back and legs. gardening, trimming plants and harvesting garden veggies is great therapy and exercise for those with shoulder, arm and neck problems.

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Water Therapy Methods

For core strengthening, neck, shoulders, and full-body, swimming is great therapy. Also, water exercises is much less stressful on the joints and helps regain control after surgeries and injuries.

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Land Therapy

Examples of land therapy for health, healing, and better mood enhancers include, getting sunlight by fishing, walking your dog, bike riding or simply yard work including cleaning out areas of your garden or lawn with a yard rake or physically leaning and reaching to pick up limbs and cleaning a lawn has many physical movements in excessive for therapy also.

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Other Outdoor Activities

One lady that Dr. Hagan counseled opened up a detail shop to clean cars on her days off to get the needed outdoor therapy. Not only did this lady quit her job to detail cars full time but her low vitamin D levels improved as did her depression and income doubled when she started working outdoors.

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Being outdoors is not only enjoyable but reaps many health benefits and little is told about it in the medical field but it’s benefits are endless.