Psychological consequences of stress and solutions

Psychological consequences of stress depend largely on individual variables. Individual differences play a decisive role in the incidence of work stress, since the subjective assessment that each person makes of their situation in the face of change determines the existence or not of work stress.

 It must be taken into account that individual differences interact with each other and vary over time depending on factors such as age, needs, and expectations, health status or fatigue, among others.

Although numerous researchers have shown that there is a relationship between certain personality traits and various types of stress, these traits do not have a static or reactive character, but they do have an active or modulating effect on the generation of stress.

Among the personality traits that have been shown to have the greatest influence on the process and generation of stress are:

Behavior patterns: The forms of behavior or “specific behavior patterns” can directly influence the appearance or not of stress. Specific behavior patterns are a form of learned behavior that influences how we behave in situations when they happen to us. 

Locus of control: The “locus of control” is the explanation that a person gives himself about the things that happen to him

Neuroticism / anxiety : The degree of neuroticism / anxiety influences stress, since it is evident that those people who perceive stimuli as more threatening and anxious will be more vulnerable to stress.

Dependency: People with little independence tolerate better stress originated in stressors related to the organization, such as strict supervision or a very normalized and bureaucratic work environment. Introversion: Introverts react more intensely to stress than extraverts, as they are less receptive to social support.

Cognitive and behavioral response: Consequences of stress regarding the cognitive and behavioral responses to it: the immediate symptom of stress is the suffering of adaptation, which at a psychological and emotional level involves a feeling of frustration, anxiety, and depression.


Let’s see what can be some possible solutions of this stress driven problem:

Breathe deeply

Breathing exercises or just having a few deep breaths can help relieve anxiety and  stress, enhancing the response of the parasympathetic nervous system with extra, which helps to calm us down.

Eat snack

Eating because you’re stressed doesn’t have to be negative. Choose a snack that fills you well 

Do you buy a plant

Houseplants aren’t just great air purifiers, they help you relax too . Researchers found that merely staying around plants is sufficient to cause a deep relaxation.

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Stress is really harmful for a people. It can level down your confidence.So, if you are in stress, try to reduce it as soon as possible.