Have you ever experienced that conference poster hard copy going into trash? Well, if you have spent so much time designing your conference poster for 2 days of display in the poster session, and then tossing it into the recycle bin once the conference is over, there has to be a better way of preserving it, right? Or perhaps having that work cited by close peers in the field in the decent future because it’s of some value to that individual in some regard. Similar to it, if you have any experience before while in college or university or any research lab, it is time to take a look into a solution to the problems addressed above. Abstract Tube is engaged in creating a dedicated archive for all the posters being presented in different conferences. Although, they are building a website portal for video abstracts from journal papers, university theses or graduate seminar classes, this concept of digital poster uploading in their platform is so intriguing. Actually there exists a number of conferences where submission of video abstracts are allowed. Here is one example: AMIA 2018 Clinical Informatics Conference Poster Video Abstracts .

Founder Sarbojeet Jana envisions that video abstracts and graphical abstracts are the new future of promoting research in congenial way. It’s quite uncommon to watch a thesis video abstract in Vimeo or Youtube but in fact it does exist and here is one link: Elements of Effective Interorganizational Collaboration: A Mixed Methods Study. This speaks the new need of a dedicated website portal for these videos for sure. Another interesting aspect of it is that there are a lot of publishers putting focus on creating these video abstracts and some of the names as follows: Wiley, Elsevier, Taylor & Francis, ACS Publications, Cell Press, NRC Research Press, Dove Press, Copernicus Publications. The founder, Sarbojeet Jana has another thought with Abstract Tube startup when it comes to publishing flawed findings. It’s not so likely that you can find a publishing outlet in the mainstream journal titles that welcomes failed experiments or failed datasets. This is by no means of pomposity but to educate peers from not going into doing the same mistake and more than that having a lesson learnt from doing about that wrong way.

In the closing, it is worth noting that millennial generation has developed a habit for the image and video savvy information perception from the social media sites and apps, keeping that in mind, Abstract Tube platform is indeed a potential solution for that when it comes to engaging academic and research content sharing.


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