It fascinates me: The intricate relationship with our Desires, the purity of that impulse that we feel when we want something. The beauty of following it without fear and before any conditioning kicks in.

The work of getting in touch with our Desires is like a journey backwards. The unlearning instead of learning more. The stripping of layers that got stuck in there as protection. The journey of coming back to our own SELF.

Me and my partner were playing table tennis the other day. It was a lot of fun. I looove that game!!

This little girl was playing nearby and started to watch us. She kept coming closer and closer and started to laugh with us. 

At one point she said, “Can I play?”. To what my partner said, “sure”, and gave her his racket so she could play with me.

We had a lot of fun. Definitely didn’t play by any rules and went way beyond the table boundaries. When I had enough, I said, “I’m done”, and she was like, “ok”, and gave her racket back to me with nothing extra.

I replied, “Good game”. To which she responded, “You’re welcome”.

 It wasn’t a perfect game and we played all over the place and yet, it was so PERFECT.

The way she asked.  

The way she was present. 

The way there was no shame around her asking for what she wanted.

The way she stood there and followed the impulse of her desire.

The way it felt pleasant to give her what she wanted.

The way she could receive it all.

The way she was right there in the moment and nowhere else, with no stories attached.

The way she understood how much that moment was a gift for us despite her asking for something.

The way she didn’t doubt her own self worth in that little moment of saying “you’re welcome”.

The way she deeply knew that she was a blessing and does not need to thank us by apologising, but can stand straight in her purity, reception and self-worth. 

It made my day. 

My prayer for me is to remember her and appreciate that part of me every day.