As an entrepreneur myself, I understand the importance of having control over my thoughts and how I view things. I am the CEO of an organization composed of individuals from different backgrounds and who are currently located in various parts of the world – all facing varying personal challenges. As their leader, I have the responsibility to always be in the right mindset to give them the support they need. It’s not easy, given all the things happening around me that I have absolutely no control of, but it’s necessary for my position. This is why mastery of thoughts matter.

One of the reasons why many entrepreneurs fail to reach their goals is because of their own limiting beliefs. They see obstacles and immediately get discouraged. Being cognizant of your emotions and thoughts that form is not something innate to everyone which is why coaches like Aimee Mack do what they do.

Aimee is on a mission to help others get over the slump or plateau they are experiencing not just in business, but in other aspects of their lives as well by making them more aware of how their thoughts and beliefs affect everything they do.

I wanted to learn how she got into this commendable practice and was fortunate enough to get a quick interview where we were able to discuss her perspective of purpose-driven businesses and how she is making a positive difference in the world.

What inspired you to be an entrepreneur?

The early desire to support others by coaching and mentoring them through their journey to overcoming obstacles. I always knew that I was meant to do something that makes some sort of a difference in the world. Starting my online coaching business has allowed me to speak with and inspire women from all over, and it has been so fulfilling. The bonus of being able to work from home (or anywhere at all, really) is something that I have always dreamed of having the opportunity to do since it allows me to enjoy some extra time with my family.

How are you making a positive difference in the world?

By sharing stories, inspiring, mentoring, guiding, listening, advising, supporting, and so much more. My clients become my friends because I build relationships with them through our partnerships. I work with women to help them learn how to access and harness their inner strength, power, and ability. My services teach clients to build powerful, determined, and confident mindsets which result in independent, successful, and unstoppable women. It is a ripple effect of positivity, strength, and love that gets passed on to each client who then passes it on to their circle.

What has been the greatest positive impact you have seen on your clients’ or customers’ faces from working directly with you?

Each and every client has had a positive result from working with me, and I ensure to provide them with the necessary tools and techniques to continue to succeed independently. I have had clients who have gone on to live healthier lives mentally and physically, clients who have learned how to move past limiting beliefs and past experiences, and clients who have been stuck in an unmotivated and wheel-spinning mindset.

One of my greatest impact stories would have to be a client that has learned how to remove toxic people from their life by saying no confidently to people and things that are not meant to be in their lives. This particular story stands out because this person struggled for years with feeling used and abused by others. They discovered their own voice, strength, and confidence to be able to turn it all around by putting themselves first and understanding that saying no is okay.

What does a purpose-driven business mean to you?

It means passion, love, excitement, surprises, tears, lessons, friendships, and sharing. A purpose-driven business has a story, a mission, and a feeling. It is about more than just one person; it is about helping as many as possible. It is about making an impact while creating and sharing a beautiful statement.

How did you pivot your business during the pandemic? 

Pivoting my business during the pandemic wasn’t too much of an issue for me since a lot of my business is already online. I found that a lot more people needed my type of support to get through difficulties that arose for them as a result from the pandemic. Many people that I have been speaking with recently have been worried about the future and struggle with the change. Coaching is something that can help people to see things from a different point of view outside of their own while opening up opportunities and solutions that may have been missed when the current views were foggy.

What are your top 5 tips to scale a business or use social media to attract new clients?

  1. Interaction and engagement. Communicate with others with honesty. Check in, share tips/stories, compliment, support. Show that you care about them and that you aren’t just copying and pasting your words.
  2. Find your circle. Join groups, use and search hashtags, create your own community of like minded people.
  3. Hire help. If growing your clientele is becoming too stressful for you, hire someone experienced in that area to help so that you can focus on doing what you do best.
  4. Take action! Research, learn, reach out to others, experiment. Try things to see what works and what doesn’t. Even messy action is better than no action.
  5. Trust. Believe that it will work out, trust the process and timing, and don’t give up! Consistency is key.

Where can people learn more?

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Purpose and Passion in Harmony is a series of articles of articles that give purpose-driven entrepreneurs who have something unique to offer a chance to shine. The goal is to inspire others who wish to build businesses and help others find their path and the drive to just go for it. It is my hope that these articles create a positive impact on the lives of readers all over the world.