It may be one of the most natural things for women, but being a mom is a very funny thing. It’s a very tough job. You are always on call and have no choice but to show up. Your emotions are all over the place 90% of the time and you feel tired from the moment you open your eyes in the morning until the moment you get to shut them at night (whatever time that may be). On top of that, you’re always worrying if you’re doing things right because you know what’s at stake with every mistake.

But being a mom is not all that bad. In fact, each one I’ve ever spoken to about motherhood (and believe me, there are a lot of them) says it’s the best thing in the world. Having that unique opportunity to bring someone into this world, care for that person until they are old enough to take care of themselves, nurturing others–it brings a whole new sense of purpose into your life; it literally gives your existence a whole new meaning.

But does it really have to be so hard? Should moms really be giving 130% of themselves to their kids and partners and leaving nothing for themselves? Is it really absolutely necessary for every mother’s welfare to take the backseat for the rest of the family to thrive?

Entrepreneur, blogger, podcaster, and published author, Bert Anderson, doesn’t think so. As a mother of three, she understands well just how hard it is to make sure that everyone’s needs in the household are met. But she does not believe that moms need to sacrifice themselves to get this done. In fact, she believes that the best way to approach parenting is by being a well-centered, balanced individual who is not defined by their roles in the society.

This is something that she has been campaigning for. At the center of her work is her podcast and book entitled “Me Before Mom”, which critics are raving about. I got the chance to interview her recently to learn more about her beliefs and unique take on entrepreneurship and below are some snippets from our conversation.

What inspired you to be an entrepreneur?

I really wanted to be my own boss because I like being able to be available at home for my kids when they’re in school. Once I became a mom and discovered that my blog and social media outlets could generate income, it became my goal to make my business work no matter what. There’s no way I’m going back to Corporate America.

How are you making a positive difference in the world?

Me Before Mom is all about encouraging moms to take care of themselves while doing the best job they’ll ever have. Self-care is definitely a buzz word, but I’ve found that as moms, we almost need permission to put ourselves first. I’m not saying you should neglect your kids, but if you are constantly worrying about everyone’s needs while putting yours on the back burner, you’ll find yourself operating from an empty tank.

Moms are inherently self sacrificial when it comes to their children. Think about it–when was the last time you bought yourself an outfit? Now think about the last outfit you bought for one of your kids. I bet it was definitely more recent than the last time you bought something for yourself. There’s a reason why airline safety tells us to put our oxygen masks on first before helping someone next to you. You have to be able to breathe before you can help anyone. Mama, you can’t fully care for your family if you’re running out of oxygen so let go of that mom guilt because it’s not helping anyone.

What has been the greatest positive impact you have seen on your clients’ or customers’ faces from working directly with you?

One of my followers wrote to me because I challenged her to do something for herself for 20 minutes a day, every day. The activity had to be one that was solely for her enjoyment. After allowing herself to do that guilt-free, she realized that she really loved learning and reading. That eventually gave her the permission from herself to go back to school and get her teaching degree.

What does a purpose driven business mean to you?

It’s always pointing my ideas back to that purpose and encouraging moms to put themselves first. I’ve found that when that’s my focus, everything just falls into place.

How did you pivot your business during the pandemic?

I started doing weekly live broadcasts in my Facebook group at night at the beginning of the pandemic. I’d encourage the members to grab something to drink or snack on and then I’d bring in guests for chats. It broke things up during the week and I tried to just let the moms have a safe space to vent.

What are your top 5 tips to scale a business or use social media to attract new clients?

Remember that the key word to social media is SOCIAL. It’s about community. Everyone wants to be part of something. Create your social media posts with that in mind.

Don’t try to create a video or post with the intention of going viral. There is neither rhyme nor reason to it, and there isn’t an instructional manual. Always keep your business’s purpose at the forefront of your mind. Doing so will help drive content that actually works. Try to stand out from the crowd by being authentic.

Remember, just because a post does well on one of your competitors’ pages, doesn’t mean it’ll translate well to your followers. Be part of the social media community by engaging with others on various platforms. And don’t be a jerk. No one likes a troll.

Where can people learn more?

My website is I also have a Facebook and Instagram page:, My podcast is entitled Me Before Mom, which is also the name of my book that people can buy at Amazon

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