Purpose and Passion in Harmony is a series of articles that give purpose-driven entrepreneurs with something unique to offer a chance to shine. In this installment, we meet Brittany Deigh, a psychic medium whose mission is to use her gifts to help those who suffered from heavy trauma heal and those who wish to know more about the spiritual world embrace their gifts.

According to Brittany, her first interaction with spirits came at a very young age. She felt a spirit visit her room every night and tried to dismiss the feeling. Later on, she would find out from a medium that it was actually her late father who was coming to check on her. Since then, she has fallen in love with mediumship and worked hard to learn more about how she can use this practice to help others heal.

Her clients see her as a positive force that allowed them to find their own path towards living their best life through messages that are honest and compassionate. 

What inspired you to be an entrepreneur?

I feel like becoming an entrepreneur was just a natural evolution for me; it was the way my life organically unfolded. My mom has been an entrepreneur since I can remember so my entire childhood and upbringing revolved around what it means to be an entrepreneur, especially as a woman. She was a female entrepreneur before it was “cool” or common. She worked extremely hard to build each of her businesses, and it was simply the way her mind operated. When I would come to her for advice, she would always explain how she would handle it from the general perspective of life then from the perspective of business. It really was instilled in me to think of life this way since a very young age – as far as I can remember really. As a Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher, I primarily allow the forces of the Divine, or God, to show me when it was time for me to create a business out of my gifts and serve the world.

How are you making a positive difference in the world?

I truly believe that I have a positive impact on every person I interact with. Whether it’s just a kind smile, opening the door for someone, guiding someone through the healing of heavy life traumas, teaching them about their gifts, or uplifting their mindset and attitude, I know that I am contributing to the collective expansion of consciousness. Most of the time, within one interaction, people are thanking me for my presence and light that I bring into this world.

It is my belief that the more we make it an intention to positively impact one another, there is a ripple effect created energetically that allows others within humanity to feel this divine spark, light and positive charge to become more uplifted. Most people think there has to be a massive shift or a big change made in order to make a positive impact in the world. I believe it’s in all the small ways that is truly important. Looking someone directly in the eyes when you are talking to them so they know that you are present with them in that moment. Smiling or saying “hello” to someone walking by in the park. Genuinely asking the receptionist how their day is. There’s nothing more important than your presence and attention. When people can feel that you genuinely care about being with them in the moment, it creates a massive impact in their lives.

What has been the greatest positive impact you have seen your clients or customers face from working directly with you?

Coming into remembrance of who they truly are at their core and igniting and reminding them of the divine spark that exists within them – one that empowers them to live boldly and freely. To express themselves as who they truly are and not who they thought they needed to be. To create a space where it is safe to heal and live in love and wholeness. Bringing clients to a state of clarity and into alignment with who they really are and into a vortex of love that is and has always been existing all around them. I simply invoke that energy and make it more easily accessible for them. 

What does a purpose driven business mean to you?

Being a purpose driven business means that there is more to your business than creating a profit margin. It means that you are always of service. You always show up regardless of who shows up or signs up. It means that your intention and focus is to be of service to the world as much as you possibly can. 

How did you pivot your business during the pandemic?

I transferred all of my services online which actually allowed me to become more connected with more people while serving the collective in a more expansive way. I do miss my office, meeting and hugging my clients, but I have been able to serve more people that really need it at this time. 

What are your top 5 tips to scale a business or use social media to attract new clients?

Absolutely number one is to be authentic. If you are going to share your life with the world through social media, you need to share it all and not just the pretty parts. This human experience is all-inclusive, which includes all the ups, downs and everything in between, because that’s real life.

The second would be to give. Give and then give some more. There is a lot of scarcity mentality online which I absolutely understand because I have been there as well, but when you are truly in a state of service and abundance, you know that it’s all working out for you and that your needs will always be met. People won’t know you are the magic they have been looking for if you’re hiding that magic on the other side of the “buy” button.

The third would be knowledge. If you are using social media or online platforms as a means to run your business or attract clients, then you have to understand how social media works, the algorithms used, and the best ways to sell. Just like any skill, knowledge goes a long way. 

The fourth would be consistency. You can’t just show up when it’s working. This also falls under being a purpose-driven business. When your business is coming from your heart, your mission, your service to this world, then it’s easy to just keep showing up – at least it is for me. Even if you aren’t a purpose-driven business, it’s still important to show up consistently. Every time you give up or step back, your audience can see that as well. How could they rely on you and your business to assist them consistently if you aren’t doing that before they even sign the contract?

And last but absolutely not least is integrity. Sometimes I feel like people forget that these are real people behind the other side of the screen with real hearts, blood running through their veins and their whole own life to attend to as well. You have to constantly check in with yourself and make sure your services, offerings and presence is coming from a true space of integrity. I understand it can be hard to be honest with yourself or with others, but it gets easier each time you do it. Whether you are or aren’t respecting your client’s time, energy and basic human dignity can be felt. 

Where can people learn more about you?

My website is https://divinityexperiencing.mykajabi.com. You can find me on Instagram @divinityexperiencing. My email address is [email protected]