We all know a few people who just seem to be able to handle challenges so much better than the rest of us. I always wondered what was their secret. It seems to me the reason they handle challenges so well is because they don’t see them as challenges at all.  

The problem many people face when they are dealing with a challenge is that they don’t simply see it as a challenge, but as an opportunity to fail at something. And that fear is only going to be detrimental in dealing with the challenge. For those who deal with challenges well, a challenge is simply an opportunity to learn something new.  

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  1. Getting out of the blocks early 

One reason whey seeing a challenge as a learning opportunity is so effective, is that it now becomes something you look forward to doing, which means you are not paralyzed by fear, and you start working on the challenge almost immediately. You can then finish that challenge and move on to the next one. The longer you wait to start working on a challenge, the better the chance that a new challenge will come along and before you know it, your life is full of challenges. Put another way, if you don’t deal with your challenges, you’ll always have challenges.  

2. Learning opportunities 

Another reason why successful people don’t let challenges get the better of them is that they don’t see failure as the opposite of success, but as a pathway to success. It is only by failing that we get the information needed to improve and to succeed the next time. Failure is therefore not an abysmal disappointment, but merely a way of acquiring new knowledge.  

3. Just do it 

Whenever I speak with parents, the same story emerges. They say that they never felt that they were ever going to feel ready to be parents, but they are so glad they did it. All the challenges they faced along the way pale in comparison to the joy they feel in their lives. And this is the same with many challenges. When a challenge first appears, we very often get that feeling that we are not ready to deal with it. But life shows us that we do have the resilience to deal with anything that comes our way if we put our minds to it. Challenges don’t wait until you’re ready, so you might as well get stuck in! 

4. Plan, but don’t delay 

From these learnings, it is clear that the best way to face a challenge is sooner rather than later. There is certainly room for planning, but this could also be a subconscious delay tactic, so when you plan, make sure you also give yourself a deadline for when the planning must be completed. Then it is time to get going. It is only through action that challenges are solved, or as a famous quote goes, nobody has ever crossed the ocean by staring at it.