What do you do?! Get ready to learn about the fulfilling lifestyle changes that don’t take much time or energy, but rather create more of both in your life….they are waiting for you! 

You may know deep down there’s something more for you, but you can’t find the energy or time to change the cycle you’ve been on….

Many are just wishing for the basics …. which is simply a feeling of ease in everyday life. They want the feeling of being able to function optimally and with enough energy and focus in order to carry out their life desires. The obvious one, which is a necessity but is often taken for granted, is having a body with no aches, or underlying illness so we can become more active and driven towards our goals. At the end of the day, we all just want ease, productivity and fulfilling happiness.

But how can we have all that?

You might agree that along the course of your life, there were decisions you had to make that prevented you from living the way you fully wished you could. Despite this being true, and no matter what age you are, you can plant the seeds starting now for the life you’ve been wanting (no matter how far fetched, small or large the changes may be.

Maybe now you’re finding yourself stuck in a pattern similar to a hamster wheel, where the same cycle continues day in and day out, but there’s something more you want to be living.

Like many, you might feeling you’re on the cusp of something and yet you can’t find your footing, and momentum. Something else in your day gets in the way, and stops you.

Before we know it, we find ourselves settling into the routine of accepting our life circumstances and obstacles as our norm vs. really harnessing a way to break through and move past them, in the direction of our truest life desires. 

Ironically the very same things that have stopped most of us, are also the very things that can actually motivate us for the changed lifestyle we’ve been desiring.

It may be troubling finding a way out of the same life pattern we are stuck in. Many believe they can do it on their own, but like all strong humans, we can find ourselves taking on too much and then perplexed how life keeps getting busier and the holding pattern continues. Before we know it we are stuck and the life continues in the same way…to another day, another week, and another year. Yet again life has kept us too busy to make any real strides on our deepest desires.

Finding consistency when we’re racing against time, as we’re too busy just “getting by” with the routines of life in the way we’re used to makes it  hard for many.  But, there’s an easier way to get what we want out of life and more than we’ve been living. 

Not listening to our truest future self is definitely costing us

What’s the truest ideal future self life look like, and how do can you tap into that version of self for support?

Let’s imagine for a moment, we have access to a strengthened version of self with the snap of finger. In this mode, we are able to quickly overcome naysaying beliefs blocking us, override harsh impactful words of others, skirt right over old patterns, unhealthy and unfulfilling life habits, exhaustion, thoughts from the past, and everything that has been weighing us down for far too long. Suddenly you’re believing in desires you had as while before the world pushed in, and you’re convinced you can listen to and trust your inner wishes finally. Would you choose this?

This is all possible. We all have this strengthened built up version of self within us. We might notice him or her when we’re put in a real predicament and have to rally and overcome a huge life milestone. We can probably relate when we think back on a time this occurred for us. But imagine accessing it before we feel the storm really came. Trust me the storm is there for many, however many are sweeping things under the carpet for too often, that it’s become the norm for their life. You may have forgotten really and truly what’s acceptable and what you desire for your own ideal life in order to put what you want into forward motion.

I was one of those people. There was  a time where I was trusting the wisdom of others over my own. I had this undeniable feeling of something more for me but life got in the way. I was that girl stuck  second guessing herself because I was often provided the opinions by others of what or how I could do something better.  Others limited understanding of what I was capable had been driving my own understanding of my life, till I rallied up my quiet, meek, imperfect, inflicted, second guessing self. Then, I started moving in the direction of what was deeply calling me. I stopped listening my past failures, the what if’s, past naysaying beliefs, and stopped letting my past be a marker for where I could go in my life. Instead I started making changes for my everyday happiness and success. I used to think I had to listen to my superiors because they knew best. I realized instead we all needed to trust ourselves more to find that inner confidence. I used to get a sore throat just voicing my concerns or standing up for myself, but now I am now a voice for others.  I took everything that had happened to me and I began to say “why not me.”  Why couldn’t I move past old beliefs that were holding me. One of those was being told not to try to go to a four year college. Why couldn’t I graduate with honors top of my college class despite being told it wouldn’t seem possible with grades. Why couldn’t I break free of the norm of a 9-5 job that was depleting me and do what I loved making serious income working for myself. Why couldn’t I move my photography side gig from a side gig to a full fledged media business interviewing celebrities despite being self made and self taught. Most importantly, why couldn’t I move past living in the confines of listening to all the fears pushed on me by beliefs of others, to live my own best my life life that was deeper and calling me to make change in the world. Many years later at 42, I have made the choices for my life that were calling within me to carry out a lifestyle from the soul of my future and childhood self living my own “far fetched dream life” in Napa Valley, California.   

Many of us stopped keeping the childlike dreams alive of what was possible for our life. In some cases it may have led to carrying the thoughts and beliefs of what someone told us, and it steered us in one direction of our life over.

Listening to our internal compass and our own internal guidance systems is where the solutions are found. With a guide to help you get there is key. On our own we are receiving whispers from this all knowing self every day but, most of us are just too busy to hear this version of self; and quite frankly we’re focused on the obstacles stopping us vs. the end goal more often than not. 

If we let ourselves hear our future self, we are able to move past the old beliefs, and standards about our life and into a more lofty unexpected set of opportunities accessing this strengthened all knowing evolved sense of self.

So what’s blocking us and how can we step into the footsteps of this version of future self we already have within us?

You know that little conversation you have with yourself lately, “I just need to just get through today and then I will relax tonight and be able to do xyz later” OR “after I get through this list of things on my “to do” list, I can chill and focus on xyz”? This new norm so many of us have become used to over the years has got to change. There are so many of us are racing past every day tasks because we fit too much into our day.  It prevents us from fully appreciating what tasks are filled in our day but it also prevents us from making room for the real desires we’ve been wanting to add into our schedule.

Instead can you imagine a different beautiful way of life where you fully and truly enjoy the process by which you carry out your given tasks. You see a schedule which is revived with less tasks placed in it. Imagine even the tasks in it are drilling down on your exciting new life goal you’ve been hoping to start living.

So what’s blocking all this from happening?

Many are blocked from old beliefs that held them back from what their potential was and even contemplating something different that often times came from places other than ourselves. That made us exhausted with less energy to drill down on what we wanted before.

  • Obstacles could have started with the burden that was carried from the loss of a loved one, a failed relationship, an unhealthy upbringing, health challenges, something upsetting told by someone in our career or personal life. It could also be something someone said to us which we’re hanging onto from old patterns, or being an over-giver and not taking time to focus on ourselves. 
  • When we hang onto these obstacles (or they hang onto us) and we live with them without a means out, it becomes harder to break free. We’re so used to seeing our own from the way we’re viewing it, verses what’s actually possible and we need to change our perspective.
  • Getting stuck in this way of living causes us to treat it as ordinary and it becomes likely to be all we know. We then feel less desire to break free of the pattern and norms we’re accustomed to verses living out so much that makes our soul feel fulfilled. 
  • So many of my clients were tired, oversaturated, filled with a cluttered mind and space at the start, and having a hard time thinking up-leveling their life was even possible. They had too many moving parts added to their already hectic life and they didn’t see how scaling back can actually push the needle forward in the direction of the life they wanted. 
  • They were so use to this endless cycle of just trying to get it all done so they could later move onto being relaxed; but change doesn’t happen if you’re in the same life habits.   

What is the evidence of how it shows up in our life and how can we change all this for the better soon?

Settling with the way things are can leave us stranded; until we look beyond this and remember where we want to be in our life changing how it looks in our home and how we carry ourselves.

  • It may be showing up in the form of a messy house or workspace
  • an empty refrigerator, or unfinished food
  • weight gain
  • loss of hope and overwhelm
  • getting through with addictive substances
  • not finishing tasks
  • staying in a failing relationship
  • overcome by unsettling debt
  • staying in an unfulfilling job or lifestyle

To stop this in its tracks, we must begin to step into our future to expect we can carry out truest passions today, and reach a fulfillment that is actually easier than one would think.

  • It starts with the task of planting small seeds and taking action towards more of what you want even before you’re ready. 
  • Think about what you wanted to do for a career and the lifestyle early on. What if we were to imagine and pretend we were born again, with the opportunity to pursue life the way we wanted to before any other preconceived notions set in.  You would have the knowledge that nothing you wanted could be prevented from happening in your life.  What would that look like for you? What’s stopping you from doing this now?
  • Try imagining lifting most of the burdens you think of that you are carrying and notice which came from outside factors which you can let go of now if you had the ability. So often outside influences are weighing on us. It can prevent us from moving forward causing many of us to miss opportunities which we really desire.  We can’t even see it all fully until we make a shift and all the desires that come from a new outlook start trickling in.  

Many of us stopped keeping the childlike dreams alive of what was possible for our life. In some cases it may have led to carrying the thoughts and beliefs of what someone told us, and it steered us in one direction of our life over. 

Trust in your own inner self belief. 

A: How coming out from under the obstacles by finally clearing the way in mindset and home space can revival your own blossomed inner future self

Your 10 Quick Fix Lifestyle Game Changers

  1. Recalibrate your Calendarfill in your day, what mindset do you have as you go about these tasks,? Is it all filled with drudgery? If you’re racing through all your tasks….you’re racing through your life. Much of our life is filled with the little every day tasks. Start by identifying how much you’ve already putting in your calendar and recalibrate what goes into it. Ask yourself what percentage are the “take from you moments” these are the tasks that are must do’s and feel like chores” and what percentage are the “give to you” moments. These are the things you truly enjoy and seem like fun to you. When it comes to what you put in y our calendar and in your space, leaving space between both areas is going to be the key bringing back in so much energy in your life. key to a clearer and purposeful mind and lifestyle . key to a clearer and purposeful mind and lifestyle. A clearer calendar and space allows us to truly enjoy what we are taking in during our day to day activities and the level to which we enjoy these items and tasks.
  2. Notice what your inner self tells you – check in with him/her through deep guided visualization. What we tell our internal self is key. If we’re having trouble getting through a project, or an activity, or even organizing a space, chances are we are whispering things to ourselves that are so quiet and unhelpful they keep us stuck and keep us not making the strides we’d like to be making. What your inner voice tells you is key. Hear your truest self fully to honor where you’ve been, where you’re going and what no longer is true for you.  Tap into your truest self by doing a deep guided visualization. Re-write what you want despite anything that has already happened to you previously
  3. Let out what your fed-up by and do a written rant about it. Write down what you want in place of it what is no longer working for you. See the fix already complete.  
  4. Override naysaying old beliefs and beliefs from others that no longer serve you with positive affirmations. Your voice is small by mighty and sometimes your voice is a mirror for what others have told you which may or may not be true. Our reality is ours, we do not have to trust the opinions of others that do not serve us, if we wish to really make positive changes. We must start rewriting our internal thoughts processes. Positive affirmations are so beneficial in this areas. It was through the positive affirmations that I rewired my mind and beliefs, defining my internal voice to speak louder than any naysayer voice or the voices of others in my life who had preached fear based anxiety that did and could have continued to hold me back from an internal louder all knowing self. 
  5. Track everything. Track your habits, your accomplishments, your goals, your home tasks, your unfinished task, and personal health goals. For instance you want to have a clear mapped outlook on when your last doctors appointments were, blood work etc. Knowing where you stand with your health and money and the goals around them will help you stay on track. Seeing the full evidence of everything keeps you organized in the know and better efficient at staying on top of matters. This will also provide a bigger picture to I f and why you are feeling sluggish or unbalanced in certain areas to carry out shifts needing to happen.
  6. Make play time as if you were a kid again and get outdoors – Let’s raise your vibrational energy towards happiness.  When we fully get to play in our life and we make it a point to carve out time every day for this, we begin to see life for really what it is and we an enjoy it that much more.  Try it and notice how your creative outlook on work projects shift as well as your outlook on your family life dynamics.
  7. Treat yourself like a guest. Your physical space, is a mirror of what’s happening internally in your mind. Where there is clutter, there is clutter of the mind in that associated subject matter. Where this is racing past, there is lack of focus in this area of your life. Begin to shift this by stepping into your future self in your home. What do you want to see, feel and how do you want to take to appreciate certain belongings in the areas of your life that are needing attention?
  8. Show thanks for the God’s blessings and the universe bring things into your life. Thank your higher power for all that you have. Showing appreciation for what you do have will remind you how far you’ve come and how much you have to be appreciative for. You’ll be drawing more good into your life immediately. Make a list of small and large reasons to be thankful.
  9. Give yourself a sense of accomplishment. Start by doing little tasks that feel rewarding. Making your bed, completing cleaning the car, doing a bit of yard work that’s been hanging over your head. Doing this will create a feeling of success and bring on my sense of confidence where other things are needing taken care of.
  10. Make a list of all the goals you wish to accomplish no matter how far fetched. Then right out all the mini tasks that are going to be necessary to meet that big goal.

Trust in your own inner self belief and don’t let your past achievements or happenings stop you from carrying out “future you” desires.