Grace Yoon, Qi Alchemy

In light of recent events, the meaning behind “health is wealth” has become more prominent. While the world is struggling with a global pandemic, we have learned to recognize that caring for our well-being is the key to true life satisfaction, as, without health, we can hardly enjoy anything else this world has to offer.

Recent developments in modern medicine have had spectacular effects on the quality of our lives. Traditional medicine is now able to treat illnesses that only 50 years ago were thought of as terminal, and we seem to have the right medication for nearly all health issues.

While medication is certainly necessary to treat a variety of conditions, the ease at which we reach for medication has surpassed the need for it. Lab-made medications have a variety of negative side effects (Last year alone over 2.4 million people had negative side effects) on our bodies that are oftentimes worse than the condition we are treating with them. As the awareness of the negative effects of modern medicine grows, so does the interest in naturopathic and holistic medicine.

What is the Eastern Medicine?

Eastern medicine, also referred to as traditional Chinese medicine, is the oldest form of medicine in the world. Despite being referred to as Chinese medicine, it is widely practiced throughout all of Asia. Eastern medicine refers to a range of medical practices such as herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage, and other forms of dietary therapy.

In Eastern medicine, there is a heavy emphasis on the use of herbal remedies to treat common conditions. The healing methods are all-natural and work in companionship with our bodies to restore the balance in our life as a whole, rather than working against it, as many Western medicine treatments do. Eastern medicine uses a combination of herbal remedies and physical treatments to restore the balance in our body and return it to its optimal state.

What Is Qi Alchemy and Why Was It Started?

Many tragic stories within the Western medicine realm follow the same scenario (1.9 million hospitalizations last year due to misprescribed patients), and Grace Yoon, the founder of Qi Alchemy, faced a similar experience. As a child, Grace Yoon suffered from a chronic illness that the traditional healthcare system was simply unable to diagnose. She was misdiagnosed on multiple occasions and misprescribed medications that only made her condition worse. After growing tired of the continuous search for answers, her family resorted to their last shred of hope and contacted an Eastern medicine practitioner. After a series of acupuncture treatments and natural herbal remedies, her illness retreated and she was back to her optimal health in due time. This life-changing event sparked inspiration in Grace that led her to begin her venture that will later become known as Qi Alchemy.

Wanting to share the success that natural remedies had in healing her own chronic condition, Grace decided to bring Eastern medicine to the West via specially formulated herbal blends aimed at improving one’s health and lifestyle in a multitude of ways.

Qi Alchemy’s blends support a healthy immune system, boost energy and focus, help reduce inflammation, support skin health, as well as help with weight management. Qi Alchemy believes in our body’s ability to heal itself naturally given the right support via nutrition. Most Western diets may not offer the appropriate levels of vitamins and nutrients our bodies need that rather results in inflammation, eventually leading to illness.

Qi Alchemy believes in restoring balance in our bodies and bringing balance and sound to our lives. After all, the world seems to be a much better place when your mind and body are at peace.

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