When it comes to worth, we traditionally think of net worth, but there’s a “new” net worth… it’s called quantum worth, and it’s solely based upon the value, trust, loyalty, compassion that you have with yourself, independent of the other relationships in your life. 


Quantum Worth, first and foremost, is about self-love. It’s an acceptance of your inherent and abundant inner wealth. 

However, this self-relationship, when shared with others, can result in ecstatic and perhaps even erotic love… that relationship with yourself becomes woven into where you invest your money, what you do philanthropically, how you are recognized in the community, and serves as the foundation for your legacy and legend.

In short, you can’t have true legacy without honoring the importance of quantum worth.

As a visual, think of quantum worth as the “top line” section of your inner financial statement. Why is this important? “Garbage in, garbage out:” unless your life proposition has a top line, the ultimate result will be unfulfilling and less than its greatest potential.

As an equation, this top line section features these key elements: accountability + authenticity + authority + action.

Quantum worth’s accountability hails from the Tao. This teaching holds that we must be resolute in honoring your heart and soul’s truest intent. 

Regarding authenticity, the authentic self loves itself unconditionally and without exception, it meets others in a place that connects intimately, where it’s emotional, physical, or professional … This is what creates a high net-worth.

In terms of authority: when we speak from authenticity, love and empathy, we have the power to express ourselves powerfully and with boldness.


Lastly, action: you can have all the knowledge and wisdom in the world, but unless you act on it, it will remain inert.

Quantum worth begins with a critical acknowledgement: your net worth is strongly shaped by your self-worth. This happens as a result of what I term “heart acceptance.” When your heart understands just how worthy you are, you’ll immediately notice a sense of powerful worth flowing through you.

So embrace this truth; doing so lets you turn your attention to a key tenet of quantum worth: your mindset.

Regarding worth, your mindset is your unique set of beliefs and attitudes around material wealth. It shapes the choices you make around all aspects of your financial life.

A quantum-worth mindset transforms the way you feel about debt, your perspective toward people who have more or less resources than you, how easily you can give, your capacity to invest with confidence, and more.

So how exactly do you go about shoring up your quantum worth? 

It starts with a quantum-level regimen of self-care. When you nourish your mind, body and spirit, you prime the pump for an effortless flow of quantum worth.

Next, Listen to the voice of your heart and see with the eyes of your heart. Share the love of yourself for the love of all others, not just a chosen few.  

Finally, see things for how they are not how you want them to be. This ensures that we are coming from a mindset of love and compassion, not from one of fear and separation.

When you combine your grasp of quantum worth with quantum wealth, the wonders (to your pocketbook and beyond) may never cease!



  • Adam C. Hall

    Inspirational Speaker, Author, Founder of The Genius Process

    Adam Hall Adam Hall, Speaker, Author, Founder of the Genius Process, empowers individuals and organizations to unleash their genius to rediscover and align their purpose and mission to create a lasting legacy. Adam’s background includes twenty-four years as the founder and CEO of a Los Angeles based Middle Market Real Estate Investment Bank. During his tenure, he raised in excess of $1.5 billion from both private and institutional sources. He served as principal on several successful commercial real estate projects.  His accomplishments earned him recognition and stature in the community. In 2004, Adam underwent a profound awakening. This began a period of deep discernment, exploration, research and study of Eastern and Western modalities, as well as, Indigenous wisdom traditions, Jungian psychology, and Quantum Mechanics. After a courageous and intensive process of initiations, Adam came to a comprehensive understanding of consciousness, the nature of reality and how this knowledge can be accessed and applied to one’s personal and business life. In 2007, Adam founded Earthkeeper Alliance Legacy Partners LLC., a for-profit B-Corp dedicated to land conservation and un-development. In 2016, he retired to consult with individuals and organizations to help them rediscover their purpose and mission to create a lasting legacy. As Founder of the Genius Process, Adam offers a new quantum mindset based on wholeness, as opposed to individualism and separation. His work fully integrates the biological, physiological, psychological, and ecological aspects of human nature with spiritual law and universal intelligence. He specializes in supporting leaders and companies to transform how they live their lives and do business to serve the greater good.   In 2013, Adam authored The Earthkeeper, Undeveloping the Future, published by Hay House. His upcoming books include The Divine Design, The Thirteen Wisdom Teachings of the Genius, and Wisdom for the Everyday Spiritual Traveler, a pocket guide to a life of Joy.  Adam lives in Santa Barbara, California where he spends his time mentoring young leaders, doing community and planetary stewardship work, as well as, other philanthropic endeavors dedicated to land conservation and education. He is a life long learner and is devoted to reinventing the planet. He enjoys spending time with his three daughters, four granddaughters and communing with Mother Nature.