This question will make your life easier. That’s a promise.

Too often we impose something that’s just not necessary. The worst that can happen is our children experience discomfort. And discomfort is something that helps us learn.

We have standoffs about wearing a coat if it’s cold, but if they’re cold, they’ll learn to wear their coat. We get into arguments about not taking a toy out with them. If they lose it, they’ll learn not to next time. We find ourselves barking instructions in the playground about not climbing the wrong way up the slide, or jumping off the climbing frame. Provided they aren’t going to break their own, or someone else’s leg, what’s the worst that can happen?

If I let them, will they or someone else really come to harm, or will they learn something?


  • David Willans

    Founder of Being Dads, exploring what it means to be a great dad

    David Willans is dad to two boys (7 & 9). In 2014 he set up Being Dads to scratch his own itch. One day he caught himself being an angry dad. This set him off on an adventure to work out how to be a great dad. Being Dads shares all the stories and insights he's picking up along the way.