You are wounded. Your body is shutting down and you can feel it. Your breathing pattern is taking a gradual steep. Your burnt skin feels cold and your soul is burning. You lay there in this barren, bloodstained battlefield where once happiness bloomed. Your eyes have dried out of tears because there is none left. You are shaking because your body is confused of what you are feeling. Pondering upon those decisions made, and paths traversed, you get these final flashbacks and you cherish it because you know its pure, raw and uncensored version of your very own mix-tape. You don’t wanna give this up but you have got zero choices left. You fought your best.

A rumble. A faint sound in the distance gradually becoming loud and the earth starts shaking around you. Pebbles, stones, dust shifting places, levitating against gravity and you lift your damaged head to see an ocean of creatures storming the gates. The siren has been rung and the perimeters have been breached by these dark ominous beings whose first wave have knocked you down and now you lay there in the front-line, alone, stranded, wounded, crippled, surrounded by corpses of your pride, self-respect, conscience, belief, faith, love and your soul.

Unstoppable, divine, celestial, dark entities aggressively charging towards you in the disguise of a smokescreen. Blind to the naked eye you just feel them coming for you; to finish the job they are meant to. You know its time and nobody can save you and you close your eyes for one last time when you suddenly hear shots fired. You peek behind and see silhouettes of warmth, love, family, brethren closing in on you counter attacking on these creatures of your annihilation. Suddenly you get caught in a crossfire. Warm bodies filled with hope, desires, blood, marching forward to protect you, giving you cover fire while you can lift your mutilated body up and escape the scene, but while you are at it, you see them falling down like dominoes, getting hit in the chest, sacrificing themselves to lead you to safe haven.

Dust. Specks of iron fillings. Aroma of gun powder. Cloud of bloodstained figurines fighting someone else’s war just for the sake of humanity and strings attached. Looking at them for one last time, you try to lift yourself up. Your knees have given up but you crawl, you slide, you crouch over the fallen bodies. You still see those demons coming to get you and they are in no mood to let you go. You see your kin getting grounded, getting beaten, getting wounded and falling down like its 9/11.

You finally get up on one of your legs and look around. Its amazing to realize that in every battlefield there is this cliff somewhere from where you can see nothingness and its the end game. Even your arch-nemesis doesnt dare to fight you there because thats fighting the inevitable. A giant pit of death lair waiting to gulf you in one go and whatever else falls in it. You realize its time to put an end to all these. You get yourself up and start prancing like a wounded rabbit. You get past your comrades, give them one final look, a grand gesture of gratitude, a thank you note, some tears of joy and brotherhood and then you run. You dont stop. You keep running towards your enemy allowing them to gain speed and agility to rip you apart.

In just a few flick of seconds you change your direction and start running wild towards this pit of oblivion. By this time your demons have just been blinded by the fact of just chasing you and finishing you but you played them good. You become the fucking pied piper of your life.


Running like a mad animal, hurting your last bones and flesh because you wont be able to feel anything anymore. One last time. You look behind and you see this world consumed with fear, politics, societal bullshit, karma, destiny, greed, regrets looking back at you with no guilt and in a distance you see your family again, trying to stop you but they can only do enough to put together pieces but not make something out of crushed sand. You see your better half and you have your peace now. You see your brothers standing still and you bid them a salute.

You take the leap. You always take the leap. You see yourself sucked into this vortex of dark crystals piercing through your fragile skin cutting you inch by inch until you stop seeing anything.

But did it end?

Did the war you waged against yourself end?

Before closing your eyes, before everything started and ended, before you pulled the curtains, you saw those lifeless incarnations falling down along with you into ‘No-where’, someplace where you can live in harmony with these low-lives.