Social media influencers with large followings have been one of the reasons why songs go viral or why a product is well-loved in the market, which is why brands tap the power of digital influencers. Before QuikTok, there was no existing platform that let brands reach out to influencers and vice versa.

QuikTok, the first and largest public influencer marketplace, has come to change the game and create a breakthrough that has never been done before.

Launched this year in March, the company allows artists, record labels, and brands to purchase promotions from influencers within minutes instantly. The company focuses on giving brands immediate exposure that will generate traction for their business. All artists and record labels are also given a platform that will give their songs the chance to go viral, boosting their monthly listeners and reaching new and unique audiences.

Since its launch, the company has onboarded more than 750 influencers with an overall reach of over 750,000,000 audiences growing exponentially. Artists, record labels, and brands, big or small, can create individualized campaigns that will garner the best results for each client.

The company aims to give transparency and flexibility to its users continually. All creators have complete control over the prices they set for the promotions and which promotions to accept or deny. Brands and record labels do not have to make guessing games for the rates of influencers; when browsing through their talented roster of influencers, their rates are already shown.

In contrast, when working with talent agencies, there would be a lot of bouncing back of negotiations between the agency and their clients, resulting in overpricing and souring up the overall expectations. Some talent agencies will even up-charge their clients by thousands of dollars. To prevent these, QuikTok emphasizes bridging the gap between content creators and artists, record labels, and brands.

The creators behind QuikTok were motivated by the rampant missed opportunities of many TikTok creators who were not monetizing off of their followings. It could also be the case that some creators do not know how to look for promotions or even do not know that monetizing could even be possible.

The company realized there was no such thing as a public influencer marketplace yet, and the existence of one would be a sustainable approach. In addition, the team wanted to create a platform where creators feel safe and empowered, having the option to leave whenever they want.

There are lots of endless possibilities with QuikTok. Weeks from now, the company will be releasing mobile-apps to further ease the process of purchasing-promotions on mobile devices. In September, the company will also be introducing Instagram and YouTube on its platform, allowing its clients to purchase-promotions across multiple platforms in a matter of minutes.

By bridging the gap between creators and artists, brands, and record labels, QuikTok hopes to leave a positive change for online communities and spaces.

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