What sets Stephanie Gorton apart from many business coaches is that she shares the bitter truths surrounding her success journey. The first step was overcoming her fear of quitting her job.

Take a moment to peel off the Russian doll that is on your mind. What have you been thinking? Are you bored with doing the same thing, or do you believe you have skills that are not challenged in your current job?

If your answer is yes, you know your job isn’t the villain. Sometimes the villain is sitting in your brain playing with your self-doubt.

What’s worth more, your happiness or your money?

It’s time to think about the cost of opportunity. How much are you willing to risk for your happiness?

Steph sat down with us and told us her story. Since she was a young girl, she had always played it safe. She never had entrepreneurial parents. She started working a corporate job, thinking that she had to marry a rich man to be rich. “I never thought I’d create my wealth. Life was fine until one day I realized how miserable and unfulfilled I was”. Steph shared.

People work for this picture of success that makes little sense. Talent Works stated that as of 2018, 85% of the employees reported being unhappy with their jobs. Humanity works for stability, not joy. Does financial stability matters when you hate what you do every day and spend every day with a group of people you wish you didn’t know? 

In Stephanie’s case, she felt stuck. The question “what’s next?” kept popping into her mind. She didn’t know what to do. Until one day, out of unhappiness and with a broken heart, she quitted her day job.

An idea of perfection that doesn’t exist led to the fear that fills your body.

Many people stay on their corporate jobs out of confidence. They are filled with the fear of failure. On her blog, Gorton wrote: “It scared me to ask for more. I had this feeling like I didn’t deserve it. And worse… shouldn’t want it. I should be happy with what I’ve got”. She shared when her partner suggested she started her own business, she thought: “I’m not smart enough, and that life just isn’t for me… I could never be my boss”.

The unknown may seem challenging to face, but it is worst to be aware of the things that bring misery into your life and don’t do anything about it. These long lapses of bad feelings can even cause anxiety and depression. The CDC reported that 71% of working adults expressed feeling anxious or overwhelmed.

On a Monday morning in August 2017, Stephanie shares that “I was sitting in bed thinking that there had to be more to life than working in a job I hated. I didn’t realize I’d be walking through the doors of my day job for the last time, and 12 months later, I would have been working on my 6 figure business”.

Since then, Steph aims to give individuals worldwide a purpose and fulfillment in their working life. Part of her mantra states, “You’re ready to do something every day that excites you and gives you a reason to jump out of bed. You’re done with playing small, you’re finally ready to take that leap of faith and trust your gut”. 

There’s a quote, painted on someone’s wall, somewhere in the world that reads: “What if it turns out better than you could have ever imagined?”