“Beauty Queen” is another impressive visual from Radiofix that drives listeners towards their stellar  “Meet Me At The End” LP. I’m confident that this band is on the verge of a major breakthrough as they give me all the ‘90s golden era of Alternative Rock feels. The immensely talented trio from Phoenix checks all of the necessary boxes and then some with songwriting, instrumentation, and execution of making a music video that resonates with the song itself. 

Not much time is wasted before we’re seeing black and white beauties reminiscent of USO Show pinup girls, a gesture to tell the viewer/listener that beauty ideals and the vanity that can accompany them have been deeply rooted in American society for some time. On the music side, we’re immediately hit with emotive vocals and shredding guitar, and I’m already sold.

The titular muse, our “Beauty Queen” is juxtaposed with sunshine which is exceedingly effective because while we need her to survive, she can also burn us and potentially leave us permanently scarred. I absolutely love that by the end of the song, Radiofix is rocking drag in the form of being their own beauty queens, not necessarily reliant upon something they’ve craved and searched for endlessly. I think now more than ever, as many of us have been isolated via global pandemic, we need powerful proclamations of self-love that remind us all that we’re more than enough. 

Take a second to remember all of the times in which you are whole – all of the times in which you are complete. You are so full of beauty and so full of strength. But in the darker times, you forget this. You feel broken and incomplete, scarred and frayed at the seams. Please remember that you must be gentle on yourself – you must treat yourself as you would treat your best friend, with caring words and nurturing thought. With delicate whispers of love and support. You are enough just as you are.

You can give Radiofix a look/listen below!!