Life sometimes doesn’t give us what we dream of easily. We often get sidetracked into venturing into other stuff only to be led to even better opportunities.

Buying and owning a house is a lifelong dream by many of us. Some are lucky enough to have the means to easily afford one while others have to work hard and save up to be able to afford one. Raffaele De Florio, together with his partner Cassandra, had saved up a total of $80,000 in hopes of fulfilling their dreams in buying and owning their own house. Just when they were ready to put their savings towards purchasing their first house, their service loan got knocked back by the bank and were advised that they needed additional income to be granted a bank loan.

As a young couple who didn’t have parental assistance, Raffaele and Cassandra found it really hard to get into the Sydney property market without a guarantor. Their trip to the mortgage broker back in 2016 resulted in a very fierce disappointment when they found out that buying their very first house was far from becoming a reality. Disappointed with this sad turn of events, the young couple placed their dreams of buying a house on pause. Taking the bank’s advice, Raffaele De Florio and Cassandra started spending many nights searching for ways to earn extra money on the side. The couple struggled finding opportunities that didn’t require either a large amount of upfront investment or a full time commitment.

A friend of Raffaele at the gym offered an opportunity to earn in cleaning offices. Raffaele learned that he could close regular monthly deals and contracts with clients as long as he keeps them satisfied which would mean that he can keep closing contracts and the opportunity to earn could be boundless. The opportunity wasn’t free of course, but it will surely give the young couple a way to build a solid business that will provide them with recurring income just by doing a few extra hours of work each week.

At first, Cassandra was hesitant and skeptical about the idea of running a business. However, after realizing that they could finally secure a second source of income to qualify for a bank loan, Cassandra agreed and the couple invested half of their house deposit to pay for the training and to purchase cleaning equipment and supplies. Initially, the couple did the cleaning themselves but were able to quickly build a few regular clients and had easily paid back their investment. 

When the Covid-19 pandemic struck, many businesses and offices in Sydney needed more than just cleaning services if they wished to keep their doors open. With Cassandra’s background in Nursing, she spotted a gap in the cleaning market and developed an advanced cleaning system that will help keep places clean and sanitized with minimal chances of diseases and infections. Now, the young couple is busy growing their team and their pool of regular clients. Who knew that getting their dreams of buying their very first house crushed would open a door for them towards an even better opportunity.