Life offers limitless possibilities, many we can’t even conceive of until they arrive. So, why limit ourselves to only high frequencies? There are a number of reasons why I cringe when I hear this wellness troupe. Think of something that is extremely high pitched, an ambulance maybe. In scary movies, school, hospitals, we use these frequencies to signal and sometimes induce stress, anxiety, and fear. Remember tornado sirens and fire alarm drills?

With the rise in popularity of sound baths, we’ve latched on to the idea that raising your frequency is the way to find happiness and alignment in life.

Is it though?

Have you ever experienced the soothing comfort of a deep bass? Or the deep lull of your male lover’s voice in your ear? Honestly, I’d rather not close myself off to experiencing the lower octaves in life. There’s a lot of nourishment to be had there and even if we choose to equate low frequencies with ‘undesirable’ experiences, avoiding those lower frequencies or ‘low vibe’ situations cuts me off from refining my ability to mindfully respond to the entire gradient of the human experience. I want to know myself in the highs AND lows so that I eventually respond to all of it with equanimity.

Aversion doesn’t train us to live life fully, it actually feeds the illusion that wellness means feeling good all of the time. If the pursuit of wellness is to seek out a state of perpetual and inexhaustible happiness, then we’re reaching for something that is both unrealistic and has the potential to greatly increase our suffering. Aversion of ‘bad’ things in life is not realistic wellness, it’s delusional. The relentless pursuit of continual bliss is not realistic wellness, it’s exhausting and depressing.

When we tell each other to Raise Your Vibration, there are a number of things happening.

We are directing each other to desire a state other than what we are
Clinging to a desire to be different than what I am is a breeding ground for suffering

We distract ourselves from the benefits of reframing our perceptions
If my focus is on changing my frequency to reach a perfect pitch, I lose out on mindfully being present with my current life. I lose out on fully connecting with my power which already exists inside of me. This obsession with constant change distracts us from walking the training grounds of resilience, power, forgiveness, non attachment and peace. It distracts us from getting to know how amazing we already are and celebrating our power.

What if?

Instead of trying to reach for a different identity, I explore who I am and how I respond to life in all situations. Then, I can determine how to best curate my lifestyle so that it is mutually supportive with an intentional pivot in my value judgments. [Ex. An ambulance used to sound awful to me. Now, I hear it as a ridiculous song that makes me laugh.] When I can’t curate things out of my life, I can accept and pivot my reaction so that I intentionally respond with self-compassion. If I were to try to avoid everything that I consider ‘low-vibe’ and reach for a higher frequency, I’d inevitably run up against experiences I don’t want and instead of integrating them, I would suffer because the option to run away isn’t there.
I make a list of people, things, activities I enjoy that hit both low and high frequencies. I examine if I am experiencing life’s frequencies in a balanced way or if I am giving too much of my energy away in the pursuit of a specific desire. Then, I can proactively respond by channeling my energy into acceptance, receiving what is already curated desirably in my life, and supporting the changes available to me in the present moment for increased balance where I balance is lacking.

Say it out loud with me, life offers limitless possibilities, many I can’t even conceive of until they arrive.

If I am open to redefining my perceptions of frequencies, I choose to see difficulties as fertile soil for transmutation and nourishment, and move in the direction of desired changes that are already available to me, I will already be curating the life I want to live.