Mental health is an essential factor in discussing the wellbeing of an individual. Though physical health gets more highlight, you cannot ignore mental health at any cost. The COVID-19 situation has created problems for people who have a mental illnessRam Duriseti says that it is essential to know what mental sickness is and explore ways to resolve it.

Ram Duriseti elaborates on mental illness and ways of coping up

Many people have found ways to live with distress or symptoms that allow them to function smoothly at home or workplace. However, few have not been able to explore the right way to overcome their problems. A few traits show that a person has a mental illness; they are as follows:

  • People who have isolated themselves in their homes for no reason can be mentally disturbed. The continuous warning from media to stay home can remind them of their past experiences and mentally disturb them.
  • Experience of trauma is another sign of mental illness. The repeated flashbacks and efforts to overcome them can be detrimental to mental stability. It might remind them of their past experiences, and they might revert to the original position.
  • People involved in substance misuse and self-harm are also a case of mental illness at times. Drug addicts may have a spiritual inclination toward using drugs without which they feel they cannot survive. The suicidal tendency among people is another sign of mental illness.

Many services and professionals are available online, which people can easily avail. Apart from this, the following ways may help a person who has symptoms of mental illness.

  • Try to do the basics when you can: Eating, sleeping, exercising, are some of the basic building blocks of life and are equally crucial for mental health. You can make it easier if you work out a routine first.
  • You are worthy of support: Try to accept that even you are worthy of support. It would help if you tried to be kind to yourself. Self-compassion is essential. So do not ignore your health, and if needed, you can seek help from experts online. 
  • Building a support circle: A support circle is a group of people close to you and can reach out to in times of distress. The support may be practical or emotional, and it may take the form of digital means in the present scenario.
  • Try to build and maintain connection: Although it is hard in lockdown times, you need to maintain continuous communication with people. Connecting with people online or via phone can help you speak your heart when confused or in conflict. 
  • Make use of past experiences: You have handled your past; therefore, you can even control your problems in the future. Make use of past experiences to gather confidence and move forward in life.

Knowing mental health and ways of dealing with it is imperative in present times. You should be open about your problems and seek help when you cannot handle it alone. It would also help others in a similar situation.