Feeling anxious and stressed is quite natural during the COVID19 pandemic. It has left people worrying not only about their health but also their livelihood. No one knows when the pandemic will be under control, and it is only adding more stress that is affecting our mental health and wellness. Confusion prevails as governments are still trying to figure out the best ways of combating the pandemic, which leaves people helpless and more worried.  According to Ram Duriseti, chances of damage to our emotional health are high, and you must protect it from harm so that during the emergency, you will be able to think clearly and react to the urgent needs to protect yourself as well as your family.

The following tips should come in handy to overcome the stress build-up and enhance our wellness and well-being,

Exercise regularly, advises Ram Duriseti

When you are at your best health, your spirits are high, and you are happy. To attain the state, exercise regularly so that the body functions at optimal levels, improves immunity, and helps develop a positive attitude due to the release of endorphins, which are critical for elevating mood. Yoga and stretching exercises that you can learn from various online resources keep the body fit and calm the mind. It will help to maintain focus and enable you to make the right decisions. Doing aerobics, playing with your kids and pets, climbing stairs, doing some gardening, and walking are good for staying fit during the time you stay at home.

Stay connected with others

The pandemic has affected all humans globally, and you are not alone who is experiencing unprecedented disruption of regular life. Share your thoughts, feelings, and concerns with all people you know and like to interact with so that you do not feel isolated. It will drive away unwanted fear and reduce stress and depression. With so many options of communicating through phone calls, emails, and social media, you must stay connected so that you can understand the reality in the right perspective. You will find reasons to rationalize your fears by knowing how they are dealing with the situation.

Take good rest

The elements of fear floating in the air create too much anxiety and stress, leading to a lack of sleep, which damages health. Proper sleep is necessary to manage stress and stay focused, that gives the confidence to stay positive. To aid sleep, avoid consuming alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine before bedtime.Maintain a bedtime routine like having a cup of herbal tea or bathing before going to bed. Planning for the next day also helps to reduce stress.

Have a healthy diet

Providing the body with the right nutrients helps to build immunity that can keep you protected from diseases. Eat with some thought so that you can have a balanced diet and avoid emotional eating. Have fruits, vegetables along with grains but with minimal sugars and bad fat.

Maintain cleanliness and good hygiene to make you confident of beating the virus and boosting your mental health.