Ramneek Sidhu

There is not a single person alive who hasn’t experienced failure. To grow, you must fail. Failure offers a natural checkpoint on your journey, one that allows you to evaluate your recent behavioural choices so that you can make improvements. When you fail, you get the chance to review your decisions and behaviours, like an athlete reviews the taped footage between games. Reviewing the decisions and actions that lead you to fail is an invaluable exercise.

Every other day, we see changing trends fast forwarding to places which is almost nearly impossible to attain and is the ideal example of perfection. Almost half of the digital marketing population is observed to remain behind their comfort zones, unable to take over risks that they’re expected to overcome and come forward.

Ramneek Sidhu, the 26 year old Digital marketing expert has a different level of passion in his mind. As he observes, he is able to come to the conclusion that the digital media world is highly uninspired and is almost remaining behind, practicing methods similar to those in the traditional ways of marketing. But, Sidhu disagrees to this repetition being continued over the years as the growth and creativity in the field of digital marketing is remaining still.

Ramneek Sidhu, being an ardent follower of the changing trends in marketing and with experiments that he was able to perform over the years in his digital marketing strategies, was able to set up a company solely with his hardwork in the year 2016 in UAE. He named the company, Digital Kings, which went on to become one among the top 5 digital marketing consultancies in UAE. Many of life’s greatest achievements require going outside of your comfort zone. Whether it means overcoming shyness to perform onstage, investing money to help your business grow, or putting yourself out there for the chance to find love, some of life’s most rewarding experiences come as a result of taking risks. With this confidence, he holds on to his statements that, to sustain in digital marketing, one must always be willing to take risks and experiment.

Concerned over the marketing practices, Ramneek Sidhu expresses his sharp opinions on the need for change. He says, “We live in a time when technology marketing moves fast and consumer interests and behaviors are hard to predict. Marketers can no longer stick their heads in the sand and hope that educated guesses and the same old methods will work forever.”

Over the years, he has been able to workout the latest technological developments through his career in marketing. He believe that the dominance of artificial intelligence (AI) has almost started influencing the business field. It’s sure to be at the heart of global business and industry in the future and it’s already taking over many simple jobs. He adds, “AI can analyze consumer behavior and search patterns, and use data from social media platforms and blog posts to help businesses understand how customers find their products and services.”