It’s incredibly easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of our everyday lives. The reality of western culture is that we are busy. We wake up and rush to go through our routine and yearn for some rest. We want to help the community and want to be generous, but how can we build in the time. When we do make the time, we fit our philanthropist nature into time slots of volunteering. Which is not wrong, but what if it could be much simpler than that. What if helping others was as simple as smiling? 

Participating in random acts of kindness is a beautiful and straightforward way to help other people. It starts as a practice that quickly can grow into habits that will undoubtedly evolve into a lifestyle. Check out some simple and beautiful ways we can spread kindness.

The Things We Show

The human brain is a beautiful and magnificent system. From the minute we wake up, we are continually taking in stimuli and processing it. When we see our fellow human beings, on both a subconscious and unconscious level, we are taking in the way they present themselves. 55% of all communication is done through expression and body language, while 38% of communication is processed through tone. When interacting with other people, try to alter the way you present yourselves. A smile can truly make the world of change. Try relaxing your body more and offering a more open and empathetic way of interacting.

The Things We Give

Giving to other people doesn’t have to be in huge checks or hours of volunteering. It can start with the little things we do. Pay for someone’s meal or coffee. Hold the door open. Ask how people are and give them your full attention. Help support your friends and family in the ways they need to be supported. The smallest intentional acts can make the most significant impact.

The Things We Say

When you see beauty, speak into it.

Don’t be afraid to compliment people. When you see something that looks cool, is notable, or makes you smile, point it out. This rule applies to family, friends, coworkers, strangers, anybody! Don’t be afraid to reach out and speak life into other people’s days. 

Random acts of kindness are simple ways of spreading joy and helping other people. It starts with you and ends in goodness.