In the latest example of celebrities feeling the same technology and social media pressures as the rest of us, Vulture reports that Rashida Jones has joined the dumbphone movement, ordering a phone that, as Jones puts it, “just makes phone calls.”

Jones talked about her pared-down phone during an interview with Vulture, saying “I just ordered a phone which is called a dumbphone which is the opposite of a smartphone and it just makes phone calls. I’ve gone from being slightly pondering and having a bit of a filter between me and technology to just feeling like I can’t anymore.”

Vulture explained her purchase as a response to writing an episode of the Netflix anthology sci-fi series, Black Mirror. Her episode, “Nosedive,” co-written with Parks and Recreation and Brooklyn Nine-Nine writer/producer Michael Shur, is a particularly startling installment of the series: Every human is given a numerical ranking based on how other people rate them after each and every social interaction — and you can view their ranking as soon as you see someone, via tech-enabled contact lenses or retinal implants. The episode was released in fall 2016.

Jones didn’t specify which phone she bought, but with the rise of anti-smartphones, there are quite a few she could have picked from.

Watch a clip of the Vulture interview here.

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