Poetically embroidered navy blue, decorative velvet leotards highlight a rallied glistening, bright white, red patriotic stars apparent upon the widely braun shoulders of the fab six. 

Shining under the Olympic spotlight is a great reminder, its microscopic glare nothing short of lackluster. Verification of demonstrated error is ok. Such offered pressure is anything but expected perfection. Trust illustrates a developed body’s mixed message, even if at first not clearly understood. 

A veteran twenty four year old’s leadership characteristics thrive, instantly kicking in from the outside in. Imagine the picture of a soccer and/or a hockey goal post. Mentally checking out results in the reluctant event of one’s allowable overthinking. There’s a difference between acting like a boss and actually playing the portrayable role. Dedicated to athleticism’s routine, motivation can seem confusing, as if seemingly, rarely off balance.

Exterior, growing voices provide too much noise, choosing not to benefit due to the dull existence of a louder, inner demon. Suppressed ability reigns amidst constructive, supportive feedback. Personality is everything they say, however, does that count during regrettable times of a proven power struggle? Loner does not define the singularly changed entitlement, rather, a worthy victor is found resilient within the effective capability of her own limits. 

Heartbreaking surmises a lost vision’s overwhelming opportunity. Achievable courage reads within the telling pages of a continued story book, no matter how complicated. Given is a redundant informative, important lesson learned. Simone had her head in the game, as lyrics convincingly suggest otherwise, despite overruled failure of missed alignment. 

Fluorescent’s fluidity beautifies catered priorities as unkept wounds deliver the necessity of cordial peace. A knowledgeable battle fights outer emotions through consistently practiced physical expression. Finding one’s self is the reward of an unexpected journey. A year and a half’s preparation is never quite enough. Strength in numbers resides in a nakedly bare, mirror reflection.