Here I am, finally managing to put fingers to keyboard. This situation has certainly challenged the artist in me. Writer’s Plague, I think I’ll call it. A plague upon both my ‘houses’. One being the ability to finish a blog post, and the other being the confidence to put it out there when everybody’s talking about the stuff I usually harp on about – being thankful for what we have, being kind to each other, taking care of ourselves, it’s OK to not feel OK etc etc. But I write today with both my hats on. As an artist – a purveyor of creative words and phrases for all occasions – and as a community wellbeing practitioner – self-named since I decided to offer all my services to anyone in the human community who needs help taking care of their mental wellbeing, especially during this time of…change.

So here’s my amazing insight for the day. The Universe is incredible. Today it showed me that I was not ready to teach ‘Tuning in to your Physical Energy’ as part of my Mental Health Awareness Week offering. It reminded me that when its incredible wisdom flows through me, it’s normally something I need to learn myself first, before passing it on to others. My understanding is that the importance of ‘channelling’ Universal or Divine wisdom, is that the ‘vessel’ or channel must be transformed in the process. We must be able to share from a place of true, experiential knowing, not superficial spectating.

I had planned (through meditation, as usual) to offer 3 webinars this week, to share my learnings around the different forms of awareness that have helped me improve my mental health over the years: Tuning in to mental energy, physical energy and spiritual energy. The mental energy is the thoughts and beliefs that evoke feelings, the physical energy is about the connection between how you feel physically and how you feel mentally, and the spiritual energy is about higher energy from the Divine Source within you (or God, as others may call it). The first one went well, despite…. a ‘mysterious’ headache. As a practitioner who prides herself on living the values she teaches, I made my participants aware that the session may not run for the full hour if I needed to take care of myself.

Later that day, I realised what the headache was. I am going through a challenging process of learning to balance making a living with offering free community wellbeing sessions. My body was trying to tell me, through the medium of pain, that this conflict was causing tension in my mind – it was literally being pulled in two directions. I realised that I was in fact exhausted from running so many community sessions, leaving nothing in my cup to work on my professional writing. I knew instantly that I needed to clear my day in order to ‘make it up to myself’, so I cancelled the webinar on ‘Tuning in to your Physical Energy’ – are you seeing the irony yet?

This morning, the headache had subsided somewhat, but there was now a familiar shoulder pain. I felt called to go and sit in the park and have a chat with a good friend of mine, whom I think of as a hotline to the Universe, such is his lack of ego and fear-based mental interferences. As I sat among my friends (the trees), and spoke with my earthly friend, it became clear to me that my body was sending me a clear message that I could finally hear for two reasons. Firstly, my friend always speaks with such love that his mere presence helps me remember that I too am a being of love, and deserve love at all times; so up went my vibration, and no doubt my ability to tune in to my physical energy. Secondly, I had followed my intuition, which had sent me outside to sit in nature and be….nurtured. And that is exactly what happened. As I conversed with my friend, I shed all sorts of burdens that I had been subconsciously carrying. And then it clicked. My shoulder was whispering, “You are carrying a burden that is not yours to carry”. It was indeed true. I have been helping someone who is currently quarantined and therefore unable to move her charitable project into new premises. In the past, I have been able to attract tremendous acts of kindness, including donations, sponsorship and mobilising groups of volunteers. However, my vibration has been low of late, given, oh, I don’t know, the global pandemic could be one reason, but there are numerous ensuing others. Once I discovered this poetic Universal lesson, I felt nothing but gratitude (a very high vibration…). The Universe had allowed me to plan my desired programme of three webinars on awareness, but chuckled compassionately when it came to tuning in to my own physical energy. I am still absorbing the wisdom – clearly demonstrated by my need to cancel the webinar on tuning in to my own physical energy, because I wasn’t tuning in to my physical energy! While this whole delicious episode showed me that I’m not ready to take the stabilisers off my physical tuning in, it leaves me looking forward with great anticipation to tomorrow’s session, where we will explore tuning in to spiritual energy. That in itself is what enabled me to see this Divine lesson, instead of having to write about not being incapacitated by a shoulder pain that went on for ages. It’s still there, but it’s made its point so it’s more bearable, and I have given over the help to the Divine Universal Source, so watch this space to see how the story turns out!

What did I find in my Gratitude Goldmine today?

My compassionate self-awareness – to be able to spot a negative mindset and point it out with kindness before it spiralled into serious depression.

My intuition – my Higher Self knew that if I phoned a friend and went out in nature, my vibration would rise and I would find my own solution.

Mother Earth and Mother Nature, the beautiful bird song that brings me a peaceful feeling, even when my life is not, the trees that inspire me with the immoveable strength of their core, coupled with their ability to reach out with their branches.

Countless other things, but let’s get this baby published!

What will you find in your Gratitude Goldmine, I wonder…