Here it is, my two-step, no-brainer method for achieving your goals:

Step 1: Set a BIG goal.

Step 2: Act with intention each day toward that goal.

Sounds easy enough, right? There’s more to the story, and it begins with WHY.

Decide WHY you want to reach the goal you set. Knowing and committing to your reason for change is essential to how you behave every day. Dig in. And dig deep. Ask: Why do I want to [insert goal here]? Answer it. Write it down. Is it that you want to run a marathon? Great! But why? I want to run a marathon to prove I can do it. Who do you want to prove it to?I want to show those that doubt me that I can do it. Go deeper, why do you want to prove it to doubters?Because I want to show everyone, past and present, that I am strong. I am capable. I’m in charge and have control over my body, health, and determination.By the third round of answers, you should have a good idea of your driving force — your Why. In this case, the goal is to show the world that you are strong, capable, and the BOSS of your life.

The more aligned you are to your Why, the easier it will become to overcome any obstacles that impede you from achieving your goal. Its intrinsic value will fuel your fire, keep you motivated, and increase the likelihood of realizing your vision. In other words, your Why is super freakin’ important. So really own your Why. It’s your purpose. Pump it into every day, and stay mindful of it.

Now, to reach your goals, you must rely on intention. You need to make purposeful decisions that advance you in achieving your goals. Each decision matters. A LOT. When you make intentional choices you will design the life you want to live and achieve the goals you want to achieve.

Ready for the kicker? Me, too.

YOU HAVE TO GIVE UP WHAT YOU WANT NOW TO ACHIEVE WHAT YOU REALLY WANT LONG TERM. This is why your purpose — your Why — is so important. It will motivate you to make hard decisions that overcome short-term wants for long-term goals.

As you prepare for 2019, get in tune with your Why. Set some big, audacious goals. Then, create a daily morning routine to reflect on your WHY and set a daily intention to realize at least one mini-goal that will bring your a closer to what you really want. (Helpful tip: write it down). By setting a daily intention, it’ll become easier to focus on small tasks that will result in more wins and reinforce the behaviors required to reach your long-term goals.

So what are you waiting for? Turn your goals into reality! Start with your Why, and go from there. Here’s to a kickass 2019!