Set that alarm!

Not only to wake up on time in the morning, but also for your tasks! Make sure you are not hanging too long on a specific task. Especially when you are working with a to-do list or even better with your daily planning, you have planned in everything. That means that you already have written down how much time you would like to work on a specific task.

To make sure you do not ¨forget¨ the time, it is good to set your alarm!

To schedule from when to when you are working on a project or task, however you are calling it. Makes us more productive. But there is no ONE FITS ALL schedule; you need to find our yourself what will work best and with experience you will see how much time you will need exactly to do a specific task.

When you have created your daily planning, therefor it is important you stick to it. This can be done with writing it all down in your online agenda and receive a notification when it is time for the next task, the paper agenda or calendar and set an alarm on your phone or clock. The kitchen ticker, what you normally use to time the oven, many options for you to choose! Choose the one that works best for you. I use the online agenda om my computer with a notification when it is time to go to the next task.

What time to work continues on a task works best? Well let me start to explain something about the human body. The body works well when we follow the ¨ultradian rhythms¨. During each of these cycles, there is a peak when we are most energized and a trough when we are exhausted.

You can work super-efficient and secure for 90 minutes, best is after those 90 minutes to take a 20-30 min break and pick it up again after. I know what you are thinking I cannot do this; I will drink an extra coffee when I have my low period of energy after those 90minutes and go on!

Most people think like this and just pay too little of attention to the natural rhythms of their body, mostly because we do not understand it or know why we are feeling low in energy after a period of time. Plus, most of us almost put work before themselves. This almost always results in a complete crash around 2:30pm, Recognize this?

When you work in those 90 minutes and after a rest and so on, you work with the maximum of energy and will actually be working better. Have a look if you can plan in your day a bit different, and make sure that the tasks you plan for today are with a good timing and if you need longer than 90 minutes, plan a break in-between.

Think always first about your own life, health and rest before you think about something else, you deserve it!

Download here my Time-Management guide and get the first steps on creating a good Time-Management!


  • Stephanie Steggehuis

    NLP Mindset & Time Management Coach

    Just Know How Coaching

    Stephanie was born in The Netherlands and studied Marketing & Communication at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam. She worked for many years in the Event & Entertainment Industry with the biggest Venues, Festivals and Parties. Beside her experience there she has also worked many years in the corporate world for some big names such as eBay and worked in various positions in different companies from Manager, Director and Vice President.  Today she is certified as a Neuro-Linguistic Programmer Coach and has completed over 125 hours in training for coaching. She always is studying the human brain, psychology, and mindset, to keep understanding the human being a hundred percent to help her clients in the best way possible. The most significant changes start with understanding the brain!