Heartbreak is always painful, no matter what, it is never too easy to get over something or someone you love. You will hear stuff like “time will heal everything” all over again and again, but honestly, everything will sound pointless at that moment. The fact is that you can never forget the most crucial moments of your life.

Heartbreak is one such phase of life when negativity or negative vibes will try to capture your mind from all directions and also, understand that the process of healing the pain of your soul is not easy and fast. You need to have some patience.

Below, we have shared some of the most realistic tips to overcome this depressing phase of life.

1. It’s better to feel it, don’t force yourself to let go

It takes a lot of patience, energy, hard work and most importantly time to get over the pain of something. In the process of healing your soul, make sure that you are not forcing yourself to get over it or letting go. Don’t listen to the people who tell you to just get over it as soon as possible! Just focus on being gentle with yourself and engaging in productive activities.

Always remember that those who are weak try to avoid tough situations, just like that, they try to avoid this negative feeling running through their mind. This is where everything goes wrong, while they try to avoid these feelings, they end up spending more time thinking of the negative aspects of the heartbreak.

All you need to do is to face the feeling and realize that this feeling cannot hurt you, these are just energies that need to come out to make you feel everything around you. Cry! Cry for yourself, for your inner peace, not for the temporary person.

Photo by Sarah Brink on Unsplash

2. Let your emotional energy flow

When your heart feels broken, your energies flow in beast mode, your energies want to come out! Feeling of sorrow, hatred, betrayal, anger, and failure in love combines to make these energies so strong that you can’t ignore or avoid them at all. The fact is that you can’t control what the other person does, but you can surely control your actions and thoughts. For instance – you cannot control the time taken in the garage door repair process of your garage, but you can surely look over the material used in the process and make sure that the best material is used so that outcome is satisfactory.

While your energies flow through your body, you can either use them for self-evolution or you can use them as a medium of self-destruction. It’s always all about your choice! Use these energies to make a masterpiece painting, use these energies to write a bestselling story, use these energies in your latest venture and you will surely soar high as your emotional energies are here to help you in the process.

3. Say goodbye to social media for a while

If the reason for your heartbreak is one of your friends or a boyfriend/girlfriend, then it is certain that you guys are connected on social media. Taking a break from social media will help you get rid of looking at that person’s social media profile. Try to block that person from your social media account. This will help you ignore that person completely.

Not just that, taking a break from social media networks will help you save the time that you were wasting in meaningless activities and invest this time in some more productive activities.

4. Don’t force people to stay with you

When you are depressed, you will start overthinking about small things and this will create problems that were not even there in the first place. At that point in time, you might feel that nobody wants to be your friend but reality will be completely different. If your friends are not available for you right now, that doesn’t mean that they don’t want to be friends with you.

Also, thoughts, like going back to your ex and asking him/her to remain friends with you, will run into your mind, but let me tell you, this is very harmful to your growth. You need to understand that friendship with your ex will bring back all the memories from past to the present and you will find yourself conquered by your emotions all over again.

Friendship with your ex can come your way maybe later, but as of now, it is imperative to give all your time to yourself and continue with the healing process without any intervention of your ex or your past in it.

Photo by Comete El Coco on Unsplash

5. Keep the hope alive!

Keep telling yourself that things will eventually get better and soon you will find someone who would mend the broken pieces of your heart and soul again. Remind yourself that you will find love again and then there will be no heartbreaks. A strong will to move on and keeping the hop alive plays a vital role in healing the pain in your soul. You can never realize the power of hope until you see positive results in your life.


The process of healing your broken heart is not easy and it takes a lot of time as well. All you need to do is to have some patience and try these tips. Keep trying these tips, one at a time! Just don’t give up in between the process. No matter what the reason for your pain is, if you will not give up in between, you will be thankful in the end that you made it. Don’t go back to your ex or your past, move and never refrain yourself to love again because loving is the most beautiful feeling in the world.