The introduction to our summary series of all 19 chapters of the book Reality Transurfing Step I-V by Vadim Zeland.

Hi! Deni Van here with Heartfelt Awakening!

So, over on our YouTube channel I have been going over the book Reality Transurfing by Vadim Zeland. I’ve been getting such a great response I thought I would go over it here too. We’re all so different, some like to absorb by reading, others by video. I just want to be sure to reach as many beings with this because of how POWERFUL it is!

Welcome to my summary of the book: Reality Transurfing by Vadim Zeland. Over on the Heartfelt Awakening YouTube page, I have a playlist set up so you can visually see all that I’m about to tell you with a mind map. It breaks down each of the chapters from the Forward to the very end (you can check it out here if you want).

So let’s just get right into it: The Forward.

Author Vadim Zeland starts by saying, “dear reader”, and he’s talking directly to you in how this all came about and it unfolds into a story.

All of us want to be comfortable. We want abundance, we want to be free from illness and chaos. And yet we find that life has its own plan, doesn’t it?

It seems like, Vadim says, “we’re just a little paper boat”, you know, “being spun around by life’s turbulent waters”.

Then he goes into saying what reality transurfing is- I’m going to Quote it directly from the book. He says,

“Transurfing is a powerful technique aimed at giving you the power to create aspects of your life in a way that would ordinarily seem impossible. In particular, transurfing will give you the power to control your own destiny as you see fit”.

Now, how many of us have been on this journey? With the law of attraction or you know, we try certain things; tried this or did that. We learned this. Took this course or that workshop. We learn that meditation or this other kind of practice and so forth right?

What Vadim is saying is that you already have the power.

I love how he wrote this. The forward is written to talk directly to you and gives you little seeds about what’s to come.


I’m not exaggerating in the least to say that what’s to come can possibly blow your mind. But… it’s not for your mind 

He then goes into what alternative space is a little bit and into the main idea of transurfing is about. Vadim explains that it’s “based on the existence of the alternative space which stores the scripts of all possible events”.

OK, so we have this alternative space or this other place or a realm where all possibilities are. We think we’re separate from it, but we’re not.

Vadim goes on to say that the “individual is capable of shaping their own reality as long as they observe certain rules”- plural.

Many of us on the path of learning the law of attraction think that we have just one rule, just think and it shall become right? This is just one rule of the many universal laws. 

Transurfing is not so much a new method of self-improvement as much as it is a  fundamentally different way of thinking and behaving. Its thinking and behaving.

It’s thought and action in order to get what you desire out of life.

And so it’s kind of a little bit about forwarding into the past. And he says he’s going to get into that in more detail as you start to get through the book.

This is just the forward! I don’t know about you but I was hooked from the get go.

Here it is! The how to and missing links of what we’re really after when we practice law of attraction! 

I wanted to keep this blog on the shorter side because there are some incredible advice and exercises throughout this book but it can also be mind-blowing, beautiful and much to take in at once.

Ready to dive in?! 

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