Post-Pandemic, we’re all looking ahead to happier times. But after the year of COVID, we may have a different perspective on what will make us happy.

With a nod to the late, great Ian Drury, here are some things I will be thankful for when we get through the pandemic.

  • Sitting in traffic.

Never again will you hear me complain about Melbourne’s traffic. I will love seeing all these fellow Melburnians in cars crammed around me going nowhere fast! But going somewhere – eventually.

  • The middle seat.

I don’t care where I sit. OK, so I’m squashed in on both sides would love to go to the bathroom (but don’t dare). But I’m on a plane again! Joy! After months of Melbourne and weeks of my 5km radius!

  • Being unable to get a dinner reservation.

My favourite restaurant is fully booked. Can’t get a dinner reservation – AGAIN. I’m so glad they survived the pandemic and business is booming for them.

  • Meetings.

Remember when we used to joke about ‘death by meeting’? Well, post-COVID, I can’t wait for meetings. Lots of meetings. Face-to-face, with an actual person (not a screen). I will relish driving in traffic into the office for a meeting we could have so easily had on Zoom.

  • Late dinner guests.

The dinner is getting ruined as my guests are late again. Bless ‘em.  How I missed our regular dinners, no longer care if they are late. Better late than never.

  • 8am soccer matches in mid-winter.

I’m so looking forward to the weekends when I can drag myself and my kids out of bed on a freezing winter morning to stand on the touch line and watch them play soccer. At last my kids are back playing sport. I never thought I’d miss being a taxi service to all their sports and activities. Bring it on!

  • I forgot my mask!

I didn’t forget my mask, I no longer need it! No need to stress.

  • I can turn on the radio and won’t hear from the Premier.

God love him, but if I will relish going days, even weeks without hearing from hi.

But the real reason to be cheerful post-COVID will be that no-one’s dying of COVID-19 any more.

Lesley Williams is the founder and publisher at Major Street Publishing, an independent business book publisher, based in Melbourne, Victoria.