Reasons to Start Volunteering by Tom Bulloch

For many people, volunteering is a way of life, and those individuals do not need any particular reason or motivation to engage in this activity. It can boost mental, physical, and social health. That said, there are many more reasons why volunteering can prove beneficial, including:

Increasing One’s Social Network
Individuals who volunteer often broaden their social horizons. Volunteers typically encounter a wide array of people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and socioeconomic classes. This can increase an individual’s knowledge of and appreciation for different cultures and opinions.

Enhancing Personal Social And Communication Skills
Individuals who volunteer increase the number of social interactions they have. Continued socialization may improve individual communication skills. Better communicators often experience greater ease meeting and forging relationships with new people.

Providing An Increased Sense Of Purpose
Volunteer opportunities typically afford participants the chance to execute good deeds for persons, animals or the environment. Contributing to an effort that benefits others and helps better the community and society as a whole often instills an increased sense of purpose in many volunteers.

Combating Depression And Other Mental Disorders
Many volunteers stricken with depression and other mental issues experience a noticeable improvement in their conditions. Helping people in need or individuals struggling with more significant problems than the volunteer can improve the mental outlook of some people, as well as reduce anxiety.

Boosting Physical Health
Individuals who volunteer often enjoy better physical health. Numerous volunteer assignments require physical exertion, and some others occur outdoors. Greater amounts of exercise combined with spending time outdoors can significantly improve one’s general health.

Creating A Ripple Effect
There is a saying that good deeds breed other good deeds. When some people volunteer, they could precipitate a positive ripple effect, and ultimately many more people will be inspired to partake in similar endeavors.

Promoting Professional Opportunities
Those who volunteer might notice unintended career benefits. Volunteers often learn new skills that may be advantageous in their careers. These attributes might render a prospective job candidate more qualified than individuals who do not possess such abilities. Volunteering can also bring about professional connections. As an individual’s network increases, their chances of encountering someone from the same field or someone whom possesses connections in a specific industry may increase the volunteer’s job prospects.

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