As I drag myself out of bed every morning I remind myself that In just a couple of short hours I will not feel tired, sluggish, or cranky. I own a busy Spa and I have two little girls who I need to send off to school, so mornings at my house aren’t all quiet cups of coffee and NPR, but I have found a way to make my days happier, less stressful, and way more productive. I get high most mornings, high at Spin Class.

I am not a workout guru, or a fitness freak. I’m just a regular woman who Finally found a workout that makes her tick, at 38 years old. I’ll be honest, I started Spinning for weight loss (side note, I did not lose weight), but then I realized I could care less about the scale because the feeling I got after class was so incredible, and the best part? The feeling stuck with me throughout the day, and that feeling was one of euphoria, confidence, happiness, and an all-around sense of calm.

Handling stress is not my forte. I have ADHD inattentive type, also known as ADD, plus I have high functioning anxiety. I always read that exercise helped these conditions but I wasn’t a believer, until now. My days have been so much more constructive since my new energy boosting morning routine. Here’s why you need to get high, endorphin high, every morning.

  1. Confidence Boost

Sometimes I am not the most confident person. I have mom guilt for owning a business and not being that PTA mom, and when I’m at work I feel inadequate at times when ideas tank or things go wrong. It’s a lot of brain bullying and luckily my 50 minute Spin Class every morning keeps those negative thoughts at bay. Instead, I feel super proud of myself for getting through the class (with a smile I might add). When I head to the office after my confidence boosting class, I feel ready for anything and secure in my abilities to get things done like a BOSS.

2. Mental Clarity

Having ADHD means having lots of ideas constantly running through my mind, and I mean LOTS, at a million miles a minute and I can’t keep up with them. For some reason Spin Class helps me compartmentalize my thoughts. Throughout the duration of my class I allow all the ideas and energy to flow, and once class is over my mind seems more clear and more focused. My work day is much easier because I have released all of my excess thoughts during my workout which in turn allows me to successfully complete tasks with precision and purpose.

3. Positive Mindset

My favorite side effect of my morning workout routine is the fact that I am way more positive in my approach to any situations that come my way. I feel “buzzed” when I hop off that spin bike, and the endorphins crank up the happy in me. My Spin Instructor explained to me why. Apparently endorphins give you a similar feeling to morphine (hence the term “high”), and the feeling can last up to 24 hours. A positive mindset is probably the best way to encourage productivity because when you feel like you’re on top of the world, nothing can get in your way!